LHHATL Recap: Momma Dee’s Relationship with Shay Frustrates Bambi

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Did Momma Dee go too far?

Kendra is still upset about the blowup she had recently with Meda. She tells Joc she’s not sure what to believe anymore. She still questions the validity of the text messages she was shown.

Sierra goes to Bambi’s video shoot to show support. They discuss Momma Dee. Bambi feels like Momma Dee has been posting about Shay to get under her skin. And her actions caused people to think Scrappy impregnated Shay (he didn’t). So it shouldn’t be a shock that she isn’t trying to have much of a relationship with her mother-in-law. 

Safaree still hasn’t signed the divorce papers.

Spice and Joc talk about all of the drama that has unfolded with Meda. Joc understands that Spice is going to support her friend. But Joc maintains that he didn’t mess with Meda while he was with Kendra. 

Meda throws Spice a party to celebrate her accomplishments, including her recent Grammy nomination. 

Shekinah tries to make Safaree sign the divorce papers so Erica can be a single woman officially. But Safaree refuses to sign anything unless it’s coming from his attorney. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Bambi is clearly the mature sane one. I don’t blame her for wantin to f**k with Momma Dee. Why would you wanna chop it up w/someone who disrespects you & your marriage every chance they get? Bambi is doin the right thing by not engaging with this nonsense.

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