Monique Samuels and Chris Samuels Are Ending Their Marriage (UPDATE)

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Chris Samuels and Monique Samuels are ending their marriage after 10 years.

Monique Samuels said she was leaving “Real Housewives of Potomac” to protect her marriage. While the biggest controversy surrounding her departure was the altercation with Candiace Dillard, she was dealing with other issues. She and Chris Samuels have always been open about the issues in their relationship. Chris focused quite a bit on being a provider and protector of the family. However, Monique wanted him to help her out more with their children around the house. She would often open up about feeling overwhelmed at times and wanting more support from Chris. So after Monique and Chris moved on to “Love & Marriage: DC,” they gave an interesting update about their marriage. And Monique said they were on the verge of breaking up when she got the call from Carlos King.

Well, it seems as if the couple wasn’t able to work out their issues. People Magazine is now reporting that Chris and Monique are officially separating after 10 years of marriage. They also have 3 beautiful children together.

Monique and Chris have not yet personally addressed their separation as of yet. However, RHOP star Ashley Darby made fans suspicious after she discussed Monique at Bravo Con recently.

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    1. I knew this marriage was not going to work. Monique gets on my nerves and she has got above herself and one day she may wish she had stayed with her children father. He put up with a lot of her mess.

  1. Definitely not trying to kick Monique while she’s down but it really seemed like she couldn’t even stand Chris on LAMDC. She even looked over him on her lives. So I felt like this was coming.

  2. That pandemic did a number on people and marriages. People could no longer run from or ignore their problems. A lot of divorces have happened since then.

  3. So they aren’t separated? People is usually very reputable. Plus Ashley’s comments…I guess this is their storyline on LAMDC.

  4. I hope this isn’t true. They seem like they try to met each others needs even if they always make it. Monique seems high maintenance and Chris seems easy going. Maybe their balance is off.

  5. They’re growing apart. It happens but I feel Monique hasn’t been right since the fight with Candiace. She’s trying to hide her pain from that. The reunion didn’t help neither.
    She needs to deal with that because I believe that’s one issue affecting them.
    Chris should be hands-on with their children but is Monique allowing him to do it? I can see her stepping in taking over something he’s doing because she feels it’s not done right.
    I really like Monique but she needs to be brought down a few notches.

  6. They addressed this live and said they are NOT getting divorced. Marriage is work! I love my husband dearly and divinely but there are days we sleep in separate rooms and sometimes we say good morning, kiss each other goodbye and can still be upset and in love. Nobody KNEW it wasn’t going to work. We only know these folks through the tv screen. Sigh…SMH

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