Phaedra Parks is Open to Having a Sit-Down with Kandi Burruss?

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Phaedra Parks had a messy fallout with Kandi Burruss ahead of her RHOA departure.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum Phaedra Parks had one of the most controversial departures in the show’s history. Although she used to be very close to Kandi Burruss, their friendship went left after Phaedra moved on from Apollo Nida. Apollo was headed to prison for fraud. But he asked Kandi and Todd Tucker if he could leave some things at their house. Phaedra had kicked him out. And Kandi’s choice to help Apollo didn’t sit well with Phaedra. In fact, Phaedra felt like Apollo received more support from Todd and Kandi. So the tension started. Phaedra then got close to Porsha Williams. It came out at the reunion that Phaedra told Porsha the dungeon rumor.

After the revelation, Porsha felt used by Phaedra. And Kandi could not understand why Phaedra would do something so cruel. Andy Cohen said Phaedra’s contract wasn’t renewed for Season 10 because no one wanted to film with her. Phaedra hasn’t been on the show since.

Although a lot has changed on RHOA since then, some fans still hope to see Phaedra back on the show at some point. However, Kandi said she’d leave if that day ever came. So she’s not open to hashing things out with her former friend.

Interestingly enough, Phaedra spoke on Kandi recently. And she said the door isn’t closed for her when it comes to a sitdown.

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  1. Phaedra hasn’t apologized and still doesn’t think she’s wrong. So there’s nothing for her and Kandi to talk about.

      1. Kandi started her dungeon line and she was the one who put the rumor out there on camera. Kandi and her Klinq were the ones always talking about it. Kandi used the rumor to make money.

      2. If Phaeda has not apologize she should. Cause it is the right thing to do. Phaedra is still is one of the best Housewives. I would like to see her and Kandi friends against. They were good together, until that Kenya Moore came alone

  2. It has been 5 years Phaedra did finally apologize. People do and say things in the moment, right or wrong, minor and major, which most people have done and will do. Phaedra can keep her peace as well as Kandi, if Kandi chooses to leave if Phaedra comes back then so be it. Kandi is very productive she will be alright.

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