‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Star Tiffany Whitlow Confirms Pregnancy

Photo Credit: OWN/YouTube

Tiffany Whitlow and Louis Whitlow are expecting.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” couple Tiffany Whitlow and Louis Whitlow were accused of hypocrisy not too long after they made their debut on the show. This is due to them pushing for the other couples to be more transparent. In particular, they felt like Marsau Scott played too many games. And they felt like they could give the other couples advice about their marriages. However, the tables turned once Louis and Tiffany had a therapy session with Dr. Kit Francis. The therapist had a few critiques about their relationship. It made the couple very uncomfortable. Marsau would later admit that he felt sorry for Tiffany and Louis because Dr. Francis called them out a lot.

Regardless, one thing Dr. Francis wanted Tiffany to think long and hard about is why she wanted to have a baby. He wasn’t sure that Tiffany wanted to have a child for the right reasons. In fact, he questioned if Tiffany wanted to have a baby with Louis to combat some insecurities. And he wanted Tiffany to make sure she wasn’t trying to have a baby to deflect from the loneliness she may be feeling despite being married.

Louis had some questions as well when it came to expanding their family. One of his complaints is that Tiffany is a bit of a workaholic. He understood that Tiffany really wanted to have another child. But he was concerned that Tiffany wouldn’t commit to working less in order for them to have a baby. So when Tiffany would bring up the subject, it was clear that Louis wasn’t yet convinced that having a child together was the appropriate next step for them to take.

Well, Tiffany and Louis may have hashed out their issues. Tiffany is pregnant.

She shared the news via Huntsville Magazine. The publication wrote, “💖 Sweet Baby Whitlow! Guess who’s expecting? Yes, the gorgeous Tiffany Whitlow (@tiffanywhitlow_) and her husband Louis Whitlow (@louwhit24) of @loveandmarriagehuntsville 😍!

Huntsville Magazine added, “In an exclusive chat with Huntsville Magazine, the Madison-based couple is proud to announce they are officially expecting! 🎉 The blended family of four is about to become five.”

Tiffany also responded to the Instagram post, “❤️ Thank you! New beginnings seem to be a theme today! Which is I why I chose @huntsvillemagazine to announce a new addition to our family. It was important to me that someone told our story who is authentic, growing with Huntsville and true to our cities special culture. My dream in telling our story is that it can impact the lives of others considering parenthood or ways to balance work while prioritizing family all in the true spirit of Huntsville!”

Check out the post and pictures here.


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