Tommie Lee Denies Getting Beat up on ‘Baddies West’

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Tommie Lee is no stranger to controversial feuds.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” alum Tommie Lee had some controversial moments occur while she was a main cast member on the show. Some fans may argue that her biggest feud took place with Joseline Hernandez. Back then, Joseline was still very much into Stevie J. Her friendship with Tommie took a turn once Joseline suspected she was flirty with Stevie. At the height of Tommie and Joseline’s feud, Joseline filed a restraining order against Tommie. And she accused Tommie of trying to hit her with a car while she was pregnant with Bonnie Bella. The arrest didn’t sit well with Tommie.

In fact, Tommie still feels like it was wrong for Joseline to involve the police in their issues. So when she appeared on Zeus Network’s “The Conversation” to face off with Akbar V, Tommie snapped when someone played one of Joseline’s songs.

Tommie was so angry that she had some words for her team, as well as the producers of the show. After some people began to accuse Tommie of being pressed by Joseline, Tommie explained her actions on social media. And she said that Joseline sent her to jail. So this isn’t something she thinks she can ever move on from. But she is still happy Joseline is doing well for herself since moving on from LHHATL.

Tommie Lee returned to Zeus Network.

Well, Tommie has moved on from LHHATL, too. She’s starring on the current season of “Baddies West” on Zeus Network. Tommie felt good about being on the show because she is one of the executive producers. So she thought she’d have more power to prevent herself from ending up in messy situations and potentially, incurring more legal problems.

Despite this, Tommie ended up in a physical altercation just one episode in. Fellow “Baddies West” cast member Stunna Girl assaulted Tommie while the ladies were supposed to be doing their photoshoots.

Tommie Lee denied getting beat up on “Baddies West.”

Stunna Girl had previously said that she planned to run up on Tommie when she saw her again after things went left between them at the auditions for the show. Stunna clashed with Sukihana. And after they exchanged words, security stepped in to keep things from escalating. While Stunna’s back was turned and she was being held by security, Tommie came up from behind and attempted to assault her with a drink.

So when Stunna saw Tommie at the cast photoshoot, she attacked her. Tommie was caught off-guard. She was hit and dragged on the ground before security could make sense of things. Tommie was upset about the attack. And she called out security for not allowing her a chance to defend herself.

Tommie and her fans have described the moment as a sneak attack. Regardless, some people took to social media to say Stunna got the best of Tommie that day. And Tommie hopped on Instagram Story to set the record straight.

She wrote, “Man ****** know ain’t Nobody Gone Carry like Me….. Quit ******** wit cha self!!!! #Gunz”

Tommie added, “You can have the upper hand and still go **** dis TOMMIE..the difference is they get the chance and do nun wit it!!!!!! #starstruck”

You can check out a clip of the altercation here.


    1. She’s 38 not that old 1 age older then Natalie the other girls in their 30’s to then the rest are in their 30’s

      1. She’s a grandmother and almost 40. Stop it. Tommie and Natalie are too old to still be fighting on reality shows. Doing this in your 30s/40s is not a flex. Tommie just got dragged on the floor like a mop by someone young enough to be one of her daughters. You’re only defending this and being obtuse because you like Tommie. Find better idols.

          1. Not your sweetie, “Shonnakay.” I’m no more of a fan of Tommie for commenting on a post at 7 am than you’re a fan of me since you’re responding to a comment I wrote last month. Your logic is trash. Not surprised, I mean you ARE a Tommie fan.

      2. 38 is too old to be fighting in the streets like a clown. You know what my parents were doing at 38? Making six figures in their careers and buying up real estate. Tommie and Natalie are both playing themselves and I think you know that. You’re just too prideful to admit someone you like looks stupid.

      3. Girl what? Are you seriously arguing that women well into their 30s aren’t too old to be fist fighting on TV? Y’all be so serious with these goofy comments too. What’s the cut off for you? 60? 🥴

      1. Karlie is also too old to be a clown on television for pay. What’s not clicking? And back on the topic at hand here, Tommie, she actually started with this young lady first and got her just desserts the next time they saw each other. Tommie starts any fight/beef she’s ever been in.

      2. It’s funny that you brought up Karlie since she just snuck Mariahlynn on Family Reunion. Tommie and Karlie are on TV sneaking younger women and initiating fights. So this comment actually highlighted why Anon was right – these women ARE too old to be fighting on TV. You know it’s time to sit down when the women you’re fighting now are young enough to be your kids.

      3. Not you trying to pretend Tommie is some victim like we don’t remember she starts 100 percent of the fights she gets in 😂. And Karlie is too old to be fighting too. Google her age!

  1. I have to agree with Anon. She is too old to be doing these types of shows. Seriously I guess the shows bring her on to boost their ratings but does she understand how this makes her look?

  2. Stuna DEFINITELY snuck Tommie but when you know you have beefs you gotta STAY READY ….these girls YOUNG N THIRSTY so if they get a chance to go after a O G they are gonna do it.

  3. Y’all kill me with the “She’s to old for this” narrative. She’s not acting this way for free. She’s getting a bag to take care of her kids and the grandkids y’all always talk about. I don’t care if I’m 55 I’m going to be paid and bank account gonna be nice I’ll act a fool too.It’s no age limit on a check.

    1. Oh please. Tommie acts this way for free! She’s always been a hood rat and the collection of mugshots she accumulated before Love & Hip Hop proves it. Black people will defend anything and it’s pathetic. You’re willing to sell your soul for peanuts too instead of getting a real job and respecting yourself and your children? You should be embarrassed to even admit something like this. Who raised you?

    2. You sound foolish. When my parents were in their 30s like Tommie, they were making six figures in their careers and buying up real estate so me and my siblings could have generational wealth. They never dumbed themselves down just because they’re black. Education is a tool they used well. I’ll always roll my eyes at certain black people pretending like they have to be criminals or demean themselves to provide for their children. Nah, y’all just like degenerate behavior. So that’s the path that you were going to choose regardless. There’s always a better option. It’s just up to you to want better for yourself and your kids.

    3. And you’ll get pimped out and played just like Tommie has been by Viacom/VH1 and now Zeus Network. You talking about Tommie does all this for a bag but you don’t even understand that the network executives get the biggest bag and they sit back and pay folks like Tommie peanuts to act a fool and fight on these platforms. The man who owns Zeus is filthy rich. And he will never have to act like a fool to cash those checks he gets from subscriptions. Be smarter.

  4. I never liked Tommie. She’s a reminder that people forgot Love & Hip Hop was just supposed to be a train wreck we watched as entertainment and it at some point became a platform where people like Tommie gained a fan bases they don’t actually deserve. You shouldn’t see someone like Tommie on TV and instantly start liking her. She has a lot of issues and she has no desire to change.

    1. I don’t understand the appeal of Tommie, Joseline, Stevie, Chrisean, etc. These are damaged people who treat other people like trash. There is nothing to like about any of them. I don’t care about their upbringings. That doesn’t mean I need to defend their actions or support them.

      1. That is so true! Each and everyone you named is just trying to be tougher then the next…Stevie of all people looks so stupid defending Joseline or anyone…He should have been a female because he is always involved in the trash that’s on this show…

  5. Listen, I am not here to judge how anyone legally makes a living for themselves, especially if their decisions do not impact my household. However, I was hoping that reality television would have been an opportunity for Tommie to progress towards longevity ventures, outside of the reality industry. Initially I wasn’t a fan of hers, but as time marched on and we all began to understand her traumas and dysfunctional upbringings, I reframed my judgement. I’m not sure how my behavior would have stabilized if I encountered what she’s been through with the lack of deep-rooted help. As for her being a grandmother, she is 38 years old. The average age for becoming a grandparent is 47-50. This only proves that she wasn’t prepared to be a young mother herself, and she certainly wasn’t ready to be a grandmama.

    1. You have a very fatalistic outlook on life then. We all have an opportunity to change and do better regardless of what circumstances we were born into. Tommie continues her path of destruction because she likes chaos. She doesn’t want to change. But to suggest that she is not capable is not factual.

      1. I find it a bit melodramatic to call a stranger whose only crime was to be benevolent ‘fatalistic’ to justify your self-righteous indignation. But who am I to undermine your emotions as unworthy? If you truly believe that your words can have a wonderful effect on so many broken women beyond what we see on television then please go write the book on how to be capable of not living a life of self-destruction. I am certain it will make the bestseller list. Can’t wait to read it!

        1. Ignoring the nonsense typed, coddling black women with lies won’t protect them from an unfair world. Telling the truth is more helpful. What you’re doing is just enabling Tommie (a repeat criminal and child abuser) and you think doing so makes you honorable.

      2. Adding on: I never said she couldn’t do better! As clear as day, I stated that she needed deep-rooted help. But I quess you were too occupied, highlhting the phrases that didn’t fit into your one-sided objectives! Man, It be your own people attacking YOU behind a keyboard just because their opinion is different from yours.

  6. I am not a fan of Tommie and no one is about to guilt trip me about it. Tommie is an example of everything that is toxic and dysfunctional about the black community. Only in the black community are we encouraged to root for criminals, thugs, violent black mothers like Tommie who beat up their own children at their middle school, and Chrisean and Blueface. Enough. Racists already don’t expect much from us. Stop taking up for awful people. Tommie is not anyone to feel sorry for. For every Tommie you know, there’s someone who is from the hood who managed to do better and create a better life for themselves. To break the cycle, you have to stop making excuses. Tommie won’t change because she doesn’t want to and she’ll always have fans defend her horrid behavior.

  7. Tired as f-ck of the excuses always being made for Tommie. She’s too old for this sh-t. I can understand now why so many people are taken advantage of out here. Y’all don’t believe people when they keep showing you exactly who they are. There are people to have pity for. Tommie isn’t one of them. Cut the bullsh-t. She met her match with this Stunna Girl for sure because I recall Tommie used to fight the same way on LHHATL. The drink throwing, sneaking? Yeah, that’s Tommie’s whole bit. Poetic justice is her being too drunk to sneak Stunna the right way at the auditions, but Stunna pulling that same Tommie move on her effortlessly at the shoot. Karma always collects.

  8. That’s the entire point… I showed sympathy which is a part of the human stimulus, and I have the qualms to do so as I please. I am not inclined to point out flaws in people I don’t personally. My self esteem is too dope for that! Have a nice day🤗

    1. Yes, you showed sympathy for an abuser and criminal. This is why I didn’t take your chastising of me seriously, and that was my point. I’d rather be “self righteous” than sympathize with abusers of black girls like Tommie and R Kelly. Has nothing to do with self esteem, I’m just not a lover of degenerates. Wasn’t raised that way. But carry on.

  9. WHATTT???? KNOW your tossing R Kelly into the mix😂😂😂Like I said, my self esteem is too dope to throw stones!!! I pray that God works on your sense of superiority and that bestselling self help book on self destruction…thats Never going to happen! .Good luck, Queen V🤞

    1. You’ve been throwing stones since your first reply. You’re clearly nothing you say you are, hence you saying you’re done replying but you’re still here. My name is V, not Queen V. Thank you.

        1. I never said I was leaving. You did. Why did you want to argue so much today? I’m an argumentative person. What’s your excuse?

          1. Sorry V, Queen V are whatever you like strangers to refer you as. I had other engagements to fulfill. But where were we, now? Oh yes, you being an Argumentative person which clinically means that you are just a bitter and frustrating person in general. I feel sorry for the people who have to encounter you on the daily… In REAL LIFE!! It must be exhausted for them.

          2. You’re an argumentative person as well L Davis. This is why you’ve been arguing with me for 3 hours.

  10. One day we’ll have a conversation about how it’s just as problematic to support and like black women like Tommie as we say it is problematic for black men to like and support men like Joe Budden/Stevie J/Akademics, etc.

  11. V you made excellent points. You just got sidetracked by a silly argument. But I agree that it’s not a good idea to make excuses for Tommie and women like her. She’s not a decent person. We can watch these shows and not lie about what we see.

    1. Thank you Diva. I’m always happy to see you chime in. My arguments always serve a purpose and I’m done now. 😘

      1. So, you’re like the matriarch of being argumentative towards reality celebrities who don’t know who you are and could care less about the opinions you have? This crap is what you do on an everyday basis?? Yeah, I feel sorry for you. Let me go put dinner on for my husband and kids and get ready for work in the morning. You surely can have this one all to yourself V. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Sad A** LIFE!!

    1. You’re using a lot of words you don’t understand to win a debate you still lost. Fascinating. Y’all are hilarious on here.

  12. This woman is gross and I don’t get the hype. I’ll continue to side eye and judge everyone who likes her.

    1. Me too. I was done with her after she went to her child’s school and slammed her head into lockers repeatedly. If she was a black man, she would have been canceled for that. All these discussions about misogyny on here, but there’s a segment of black women who defend terrible black women. And that’s weird to me too.

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