‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Malaysia Quits the Show + Jennifer Has No Regrets

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On the recent episode of “Basketball Wives,” Jennifer and Malaysia’s feud is making the other women uncomfortable. Regardless, Jennifer has no regrets. She feels like Malaysia deserved to be put on blast. And it was really disrespectful for Malaysia to hang up on her. Jackie realizes that Jennifer and Malaysia have arrived at a point of no return. And she’s disappointed. 

Brittish is really stressed out about her legal problems. She’s devastated when she learns she will have to wear an ankle monitor. 

And Malaysia comes to the conclusion that it’s time for her to end her time on the show. The drama has just been too much for her. And she’s choosing her peace over a check. 

Here’s a recap for, “Episode 16.”

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  1. Go ahead and cancel it after this season. Cause at this point I would rather read the recaps than actually waste my time watching an episode. Idc about none of the cast especially since they all give “I’ll do ANYTHING to stay on the show” vibes.

    1. I’ve watched from day one and I have watched Malaysia grow into a gorgeous young woman. I can’t stand Jackie she’s too darn old to carry on the way that she do. She sneakily start stuff and all mouth and a bully. Jennifer is not about that life so why is she acting like that. After Tami and shaunie and now Malaysia basketball wives will not be the same. These newbies are boring. I truly wish that Tami, shaunie and Malaysia get their own show kinda like the “the Real ” talk show. Good decision Malaysia you’re better than that.


  2. Sorry to hear Malaysia is leaving. Jennifer is who should go Remember her on Sweetie Pie’s dating Tim Norman ? I never got into Jennifer from the Start She was one of the Original cast members alongside Evelyn and Shaunie O’Neal

    1. It f you remember Shaunie and Evelyn both ended their friendship with Jennifer a long time ago. Jennifer trash talked both of them and everyone else behind their backs. She also started the crap with Malaysia years back and still doing it. I don’t like that mean girl garbage it’s childish and petty.

  3. I agree that this is so scripted and clearly making up storylines to get a check!!! The storylines are as fake as the boobs, a-ses and fillers!

  4. Am sad Malaysia are leaving the show she is the only one on the show with some classic. Jennifer show be the one to leave she is so fake.

  5. Never let another person feels they have power over you, because then they feel they won. Your decision is yours but you know Jennifer going to use it to her advantage to belittle you no matter even if you are gone. Redirect your action an be the Bigger Woman an know you are still loved by your fans. Much Love Malaysia

    1. In my opinion I just don’t believe Malaysia isn’t giving Jennifer anything. I think she just knows where to put her energy and understands if she stays on how it will go and not in a positive direction. Jennifer doesn’t know when to quit (I guess a table being thrown at you is not enough) and Malaysia knows her kids are getting older and don’t need to see her whipping anyone’s butt on TV (lol). Remember, Malaysia’s birth name is Laquisha and she is from Compton alng with Bambi and they are genuine friends from back in the day. I really appreciate her growth and she can always return because she’s a BBWLA original and fans love her.

  6. I’m wit Malaysia I would also have made the same decision peace of mind instead Of all that drama Jennifers Fake Spoiled 🤬ss Y’all should call her MISS PRISSY should be the one too leave the show she think she is better then the rest of the lady’s i use to like her but she has really change

    1. Jennifer really has changed for the worse. All for a check. Your character should stand above all. Malaysia did the right thing. Al things said does not need a response. Mental health is more important to yourself and your family.

  7. Please cancel the season. This is awful. Jennifer is scandalous! The show brings NOTHING! I’m done!
    Malyisha gone, and so am I. Brandy dumb, Duffy boring, Jackie is irritating, the one who husband was cheating is nerve raking, and then you have the ankle bracelet chick! Boring!!! Degrading of Black Women!

  8. Oh noooooooooooo! Malaysia is fantastic, but I understand why she’s leaving. Anyone with any sense shouldn’t be on this show at all, especially if you have children. How can Jennifer be so prissy and she dated Tim Norman, and a string of other abusers. I hope she can calm herself down enough to accept this new person in her life. She’s so abused. I believe this is going to be my last season. At this point, the show is just down right embarrassing. Hood rat Evelyn left, and it is now back to being almost as bad.

  9. When did Jennifer get bold enough to put people’s business out there. It’s not your place to divulge that info to the group. All of a sudden you have a backone Jenn used to fight all your battles.

  10. She should have beat Jennifer’s a-s and then quit. The way she drags her words when talking gets on my nerves. She has no story line.

  11. Malaysia showed a lot of class! Leave these ghetto minded “women” and get on with your Family! Now I have no reason to watch!

  12. All of them get on my last nerve there’s only one wife on there and she’s only still married because her husband is gone more than his at home I just watch to see who gone embarrass themselves next

  13. I don’t blame Malaysia for leaving, she’s above all the drama and have teenagers who are watching what their mother is doing. As far as the other women, I like Jackie and Duffey, there rest of them are just dummies. Brooke finally has a storyline with her divorcing her husband, Brandi is trying to convince her husband into moving to LA, British is fighting to stay out of jail and we haven’t seen Angel except for little tibbits. Duffey has matured and I actually like her now. Jackie has grown on me and she’s still a little messy, but she’s trying to keep the women in a sisterhood. See I almost forgot about Messy Jennifer she needs to have several seats because if Malaysia was the old Malaysia she would have gotten her a$$ for talking about her business. I think if show is going to go on, it needs a total rehaul of the wives and better storylines.

  14. Jennifer is an idiot. Back a few seasons, she was like a mouse, scared of Evelyn, Shaunie and everyone else. What happened, did she turn up, and go gangster when she hooked up with Tim Norman from Sweetie Pies? She was always a COWARD TO ME NO BACKBONE

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