‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Recap: Effie & Tariq Make Plans + Monet Unravels

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Monet and Dru have concerns.

Although Whitman was suspended for harassing Monet, he still hasn’t stopped. In fact, he rolls up on her while she’s with her family. But she assures everyone that Maclean is going to handle it. So the Tejadas move forward with their family meeting and Diana is told by Monet to get lost since she wanted to trade in that life for college. 

During the family meeting, Monet expresses her concerns about the family still dealing drugs when Whitman is applying so much pressure. However, Cane tells Monet they won’t stop working for Noma. And working with the Jamaican Ave crew and Castillo Boys to distribute the drugs will work out just fine. Lorenzo backs up Cane and this is confusing to Monet and Dru. They don’t understand why Lorenzo keeps agreeing to Cane’s decisions all of a sudden. 

The pressure continues to pile on.

Saxe has a plan. He tells Jenny that he agreed to help Maclean get his brother out of prison just so he could get Maclean to trust him. But the end game is to pull Maclean into the RICO case Jenn is putting together. 

Cane’s previous conversation with Brayden causes him to come to the conclusion that it was Effie who “killed” Lauren. He approaches her about it and thanks her for getting the job done. But he also tells Effie that she shouldn’t have been put in that position because Tariq should have done it. Effie tells Cane she did what she had to do to protect herself. And everyone else just benefited. 

Noma pulls a fast one. Now Tariq and the others are expected to add stolen guns to the list of things they are selling. This concerns them since selling guns happens to be a lot riskier. 

It’s time for Whitman to go.

Cane assures Effie he won’t be the one to tell Tariq about Lauren’s fate. Effie wants to be that person when she feels the time is right. She later discovers Cane played her for the truth because Brayden never identified her as the killer. Effie also confirms to Tariq her plan is to sell enough drugs to be able to get into a robotics program at Stanford. She wants out of the game because she’s tired of always fearing for her safety. 

Monet and Maclean come up with a plan to get Whitman to go away. They will need hired henchmen and Diana’s assistance, though. 

Tariq runs into a roadblock with his new internship with Brayden’s family. They want to convince one of the richest Black men, RSJ, to join the fund as a client. However, the billionaire is not interested. And Tariq will lose his internship if he isn’t able to use his Blackness to get RSJ to change his mind. 

He visits Tate to get some advice since he knows of RSJ. Once Tariq is forced into weekly campaign donations of $5000 in Bitcoin, Tate tells Tariq that RSJ likes useful people who pass his “tests.” Tate also confirms to Tariq that Blanca has been on him and she’s investigating Dante’s death. 

Monet needs another favor from Diana.

Lauren is shown photos of Tariq and the others living their lives since her disappearance. She’s really not thrilled to see Effie and Tariq coupled up. Lauren is now motivated to help put everyone behind bars. She also confirms to Jenny that she saw Diana coming around Tariq before Effie attacked her. And she once saw Diana and Tariq meet on the rooftop on campus. 

Monet goes to Diana to try to talk her into going to Whitman and saying what she’s told to get him to back off. However, Diana tells Whitman that she’ll help him by getting him access to Monet’s books to prove money laundering. Diana promises to leave a key under the doormat. In Diana’s opinion, Monet is the cancer in the family. And they’ll be better off when she’s gone. 

Whitman tells Diana that Monet killed Carrie and she possibly killed Zeke as well to cover her tracks.

The drop leads to a shootout. 

Tariq and Brayden’s uncle meet with RSJ again. This time Tariq takes over the meeting. He reveals he’s decided to move his trust over to Weston Holdings. And he knows RSJ is interested in the QCP building that Ghost left for him in his trust. Tariq is willing to sell RSJ the building if he joins Weston Holdings as a client. RSJ agrees. 

Dru is able to work with the Castillo brothers to find a crew to sell Noma’s stolen guns. Turns out it’s a racist crew, so Cane enlists Brayden to be the frontman at the drop. Things go smoothly. However, the crew sneaks a photo of Brayden so they can find out who he is. And they also end up following Brayden back to the hotel. 

They only spotted Lorenzo through the window. When they rush into the hotel room with guns drawn, Lorenzo is ready since he was already paranoid. Luckily, he texted Dru the location and his concerns. So Dru and one of the Castillo brothers, Gordo, were able to take out all the shooters except one who got away. Now they are back in possession of the guns. Plus, they still held on to the profit as well. 

Lorenzo and Cane make peace.

Gordo and Dru also kiss when they have another moment alone. Cane and Lorenzo have a tender moment as well. The father and son recap the wild night. Cane appreciates that Lorenzo jumped in front of him when the bullets started flying. Lorenzo reminds Cane that he’s still his firstborn. He’ll do anything to keep the family safe. 

Cane apologizes to Lorenzo for how he’s been treating him. And it’s back to keeping family first moving forward. As far as Cane is concerned, he’ll never tell anyone that Lorenzo killed Zeke. 

Monet switches up the plan on Diana and Maclean.

Whitman shows up at the Tejada house to steal Monet’s books like Diana instructed him. However, he’s surprised to see Diana inside the house. She takes out her phone to report a break in. Monet then shoots and kills Whitman, freaking Diana all the way out. Regardless, Monet tells Diana this is what had to be done and she didn’t tell her what the end result would be because she knew Diana wouldn’t agree. Either way, Diana sticks to Monet’s plan. And Monet and Diana tell police that Whitman punched Monet and she had to defend herself. 

Rodriguez and other investigators make it to the crime scene of Cane, Lorenzo, Drew, and Gordo’s shoot-out with the racist crew. Turns out, the lone survivor is Rodriguez’s CI. 

Maclean passes on the paperwork from Zeke’s crime scene to Monet. In the paperwork, it says that partial fingerprints from the scene match Lorenzo’s. Monet calls Maclean to ask him to look into this because she doesn’t understand why Lorenzo would have been there. She doesn’t bring this up when Lorenzo checks in on her and assures her that she won’t be convicted for handling Whitman. 

Effie is touched during a conversation with Tariq. He now plans to exit the drug game and move to California with her. So she texts Cane and begs him not to mess this up for her. He promises to keep her secret about Lauren to himself. 

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