‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Recap: Monet Gets Even + Tariq & Effie Learn Noma’s Weakness?

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Monet’s story isn’t believable to Jenny.

Jenny and other investigators are at Monet and Lorenzo’s house to check out the crime scene. Although Monet tells them killing Whitman was self-defense, Jenny isn’t convinced. In fact, she questions why Monet was already armed when Whitman supposedly rushed her. Lorenzo steps in to save Monet. He tells Jenny that Monet is the victim. The story the cops were told is that Whitman had become obsessed after he learned Zeke and Carrie slept together. 

Monet sticks to the story. She explains she already had her gun because she heard Diana scream and grabbed it. 

Tariq fishes for information via Monet’s request. 

While Tariq is in class, he receives a text message from Monet. It reads: I need you to find out where International Guap was on the night of Zeke’s murder.

Tariq then tells Tate that the streets are saying International Guap killed Zeke. And that was a revenge kill for those that were taken out by GTG. He is dead now. So Tate should get involved with the investigation to play some good politics. 

Tariq has an interesting day at the internship when RSJ requests that he attends a business trip to Italy. The Weston fund is looking at an Italian business to invest in. And RSJ pointed out that Tariq is the only one that can speak Italian. RSJ even agrees to Effie being the plus one.

Tariq receives an angry text from Tate calling him a “lying ************” after he told Tate that International Guap killed Zeke.

When Tariq meets with Monet, he says International Guap didn’t lie to Monet at all. He was in the Dominican Republic the day Zeke was killed. Monet recently killed International Guap after Lorenzo set him up to cover up his role in Zeke’s death. 

Lorenzo doesn’t want to tell Monet the truth.

Later, Monet asks Cane who told him International Guap killed Zeke. He confirms Lorenzo told him this. And Lorenzo told him whoever attacked Dru is the same person who killed Zeke. Cane says Lorenzo’s story makes sense because they had targets on their backs for killing the Guaps. 

Jenny, Saxe, and Blanca all have a drink to discuss their big-time loss via Whitman’s death. They aren’t buying Monet’s story and they believe it was a setup because Whitman was closing in on Monet’s truth. They suspect the Tejada family took out the Castillo family’s plug. But they need Saxe to get some kind of information from Maclean to get things going. 

Cane tells Lorenzo he thinks Monet may be putting things together about Zeke’s death. So he wonders if it’d be best if Lorenzo just tells her the truth before she finds out. Lorenzo explains that it’s nothing he can do to smooth over his mistake. Monet would be angry regardless. So he can’t tell her. 

Dru and Gordo hook up again. Gordo reluctantly confirms the sole survivor of the racist crew they had a shootout with happens to be a CI. And he didn’t know this. Dru says he will help Gordo handle the matter. They end up paying off a hospital employee to steal the CI’s phone to get rid of images/evidence. 

Noma shows up in Italy.

Meanwhile, Monet goes to Frank Castillo’s widow Evelyn to tell her that it was Lorenzo who put a hit on her husband because he found out that Frank was a snitch. And Monet had to come clean to protect her children. She thinks the truth was going to come out eventually. That information would have placed them in danger.

Evelyn says she’s not telling her sons because she doesn’t want any revenge to take place. 

Tariq, RSJ, and Weston Holdings meet with the heads of the Italian company they have been eying to invest in. RSJ and Tariq confirm they know the company has been having patent issues. And they will help with this for 20 percent ownership and a reduced cash offer.

Noma and her henchman crash Tariq and Effie’s dinner date in Italy. Apparently, Tariq and the others were being watched the whole time. Noma says that she wants Tariq and Effie to retrieve a recording device Mecca planted at Francesco Lombardi’s mansion. Francesco is an oil businessman but also one of Noma’s biggest arms competitors. He’s also her ex who stole clients from her. 

The best way to get inside the mansion is to win an invite from one of Francesco’s weekly events. Only the one percenters can attend. So RSJ would be perfect.

Things go left in the mansion.

Brayden is able to locate the bug with Effie once they are inside the mansion. However, Brayden is snatched up by Francesco’s security. They beat up Brayden and Francesco demands to know who Brayden is working for. 

Gordo comes by the house to visit Dru. He tells Monet he’s sorry for missing Zeke’s funeral. While the grief may have diluted as far as his father’s (Frank Castillo) death, Gordo says he’s still very much angry. And he’ll kill his father’s killer if given the chance. Monet says she’d do the same for Zeke.

Saxe informs Maclean that he found a constitutional violation missed by the prosecution in Theo’s case. So this should help them get Theo out of prison. While Maclean celebrates, Saxe takes a picture of Whitman’s stolen file from Maclean’s office. 

Tariq asks for Noma’s assistance to get Brayden back. He was able to set up a meetup once he told Francesco’s people he would give up the recordings if they gave Brayden back. But Francesco pulls a gun out on Tariq demanding to know if he’s working with Mecca. Noma and her henchman take Francesco and his men out. Noma tells Tariq he’s a lot more clever than she thought. The trial period is over. And they will be working together a lot more moving forward since they took out their main competition. 

Lorenzo finally comes clean.

Later on, Tariq confides in Effie about his disappointment in Noma having control over them. Effie shows him a picture she took while she was in Francesco’s art collection. It’s a photo of Francesco and Noma smiling with a little girl. Effie suspects that this is Noma and Francesco’s daughter. 

Tariq says this makes Noma even scarier if she just killed her daughter’s father. 

Lorenzo finally comes clean to Monet. She’s angry and puts her hands on him. Although Lorenzo explained it was a horrible accident, she can’t forgive this. And she tells him it’s over. She won’t kill him out of respect for their children. He is told to leave New York. 

Lauren hears the truth. 

Saxe grows frustrated with Jenny and follows her to the house she’s hiding Lauren. Jenny won’t let him inside or tell him who she’s hiding. He accuses her of just using him. And pinning crimes on Tariq he didn’t commit. Lauren comes outside to show herself. She asks Jenny if what Saxe said is true about her using people and lying about Tariq. Saxe goes off and tells Lauren that Tariq didn’t try to have her killed. In fact, Tariq was so upset when he was told Lauren was dead because he loved her. 

Tariq is awaken by a text from a number he doesn’t recognize. The person texts for him to meet them on campus. He walks to the location to see what this is all about. And a hooded Lauren approaches him with a box cutter out. She tells him that Effie and Brayden kidnapped her. And it was Effie who dumped her in a river. She thinks Tariq is responsible. But he denies this and tells her he had no idea any of this was going on. Brayden and Effie haven’t told him anything. He was told Lauren was dead via a car accident. 

Lauren confirms she’s been put in hiding and she’s a witness for a case the feds are building on Tariq. But he can’t tell anyone she’s alive. 

Gordo catches a drunken Lorenzo alone and slits his throat. He texts Monet thanks and the deed is done. Lorenzo dies in front of a mural of Zeke. She smirks as the kids play spades in front of her. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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  1. They are equally yoked. One thing for sure, a woman doesn’t play around when it comes to her children

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