LAMH Recap: Tiffany Calls Out Keke + Marsau Frustrates LaTisha

LAMH Season 6 Episode 3
Photo Credit: OWN

During tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” LaTisha hosts a spa day and is hopeful she and the other ladies can avoid drama. Unfortunately, drama does occur.

In this case, it’s between Keke, Stormi, and Tiffany. This is because Tiffany feels a type of way about Keke, which stems from how Keke spoke about LaTisha last season.

However, Keke didn’t appreciate the entire story not being apparently told. This leads to Keke and Tiffany confronting each other during the spa day.

Meanwhile, LaTisha reveals Marsau’s making key business decisions without discussing them with her. This time it’s led to Marsau’s business partner moving into LaTisha’s office without her knowledge. It’s clear LaTisha isn’t happy about this.

Next, Marsau’s father Mark Sr. arrives in Huntsville from Michigan. After a tour of the cigar lounge, Mark gives Marsau advice regarding not overworking himself.

Here’s the episode for, “Hasta La Tisha, Baby.”

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  1. I dunno if I’m feeling this.
    Again Tiffany is inserting herself where she doesn’t belong.
    I didn’t feel she needed to explain the dynamic of family to Keke. She’s not a counselor to be saying anything about their cousin-ship.
    Talking about Stormi too. Oh nooooo…
    Keke don’t want no 💨!!!!

    1. I agree. How did they go from being in such a bad place at the reunion to now being besties hanging out in a spa together? How did Tisha go from a housewife to this multimillionaire business that she built ? The math is not mathing. Put a fork in it and call the show done.

  2. All of them are messy and pretend to be above the fray, but Tiffany is extra, always doing too much for the least, and really deflects worse than Mel and Tisha. She is really going to be aggressive than she is passive because of her pregnancy. Her husband, like Marsau needs to give her Tisha, a reality check on their passive aggressive messiness and victim nentalities.

  3. All of them are messy and pretend to be above the fray! Although, Tiffany is extra –
    always saying the most for the least! She really deflects worse than Tisha or any of them from her real life. She is really going to be aggressive with her messiness because of her pregnancy. Her husband, like Marsau, needs to give her a reality check on accountibilty for her passive aggressive messiness and victim mentality.

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