‘Basketball Wives’ Reunion Recap: Brooke Puts Jackie on Blast + Duffey & Brandi Make Up

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On the “Basketball Wives” reunion, Malaysia’s exit is discussed. Brooke seems to think Malaysia was foolish to walk away from a check. Jennifer, Brandi, and Brittish feel as if Malaysia left the show because she couldn’t handle being in the hot seat. Plus, Jennifer has no remorse about alleging that Malaysia lost her house via foreclosure. 

Jennifer also says that Malaysia was paid to share that on the show anyway. But Angel doesn’t really think they made Malaysia feel comfortable enough to share much of anything. Although Jennifer, Brandi, and Brittish disagree; Duffey tells them they aren’t being truthful. 

Jackie and Jennifer discuss the root of their fallout. Jennifer apologizes for hurting Jackie’s feelings with her real estate critique. But before she and Jackie can make real progress, Brooke interjects. And she calls Jackie out for not directly contacting her when her daughter died. 

Plus, Duffey and Brandi move forward.

Here’s a recap of “The Reunion.”

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    1. I didn’t even like the reunion it was pointing finger at Jackie and they are messing there self this is my opinion shut the hole show down

    2. Yes dat part cancel the show I didn’t even like reunion like everyone was bad mouthing Jackie when all them are messy to

  1. I didn’t care for the show Duffey good luck in your career and your future with your beautiful family

    Jackie you can’t save everyone but good luck in your business Angel you really didn’t fit in with these messy women you have a beautiful family and a booming business take care of yourself

  2. I not really a big fan of Jennifer but I am so glad she called Jackie out. I am so sick of her. Jackie thinks she’s the damn mother of everyone. I would never take any advice from her. She talks out two sides of her mouth and she never owns up to the s___ that she does and she has to be right all the time. She is no one’s friend

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