LAMH Recap: Maurice & Kimmi Clash over Co-Parenting

LAMH Season 6 Episode 12 recap
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On tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” Stormi does her best to resolve the family conflict between her mom and aunt. However, Courtney lets her know that time may be running out for them to bury that hatchet.

Meanwhile, Martell attends therapy amidst his ongoing custody battle. This therapy session prompts Martell to have a heart-to-heart with his younger brother.

Lastly, The Scotts have a date night and discuss Maurice and Kimmi’s co-parenting issues. LaTisha and Marsau suggest they talk things out with Monster’s mom. This leads to Maurice holding a family meeting and inviting Kiuwha to join. After the meeting, Maurice suggests to Kimmi to hash things out with Kiuwha once and for all despite Kimmi saying there’s no issue with Kiuwha.

Here’s the recap for, “We Scott a Monster Issue.”

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  1. Monster does not like the fact that his dad is no longer with his mom. You can see it in his expression. Send his A** back to his mom. Kimmie does not need that stress. She needs calm with what she is going thru. Maurice is a idiot. He should not put Kimmie thru that type of stress. She needs calm, with what she has been thru. I always thought that Marsau was the A**Hole. Maurice takes the cake. I thought he had more intelligence than that., He is showing that he is an A%%%% And monsters mother seens to be eating it up, like she wanted problems in their marriage.

    1. I totally agree with you. He has everything at the reach of his fingertips. Spoiled and entitled. Don’t no one have to be micromanaging a teen aged to do chores or schoolwork. He needs tough love. No doors would be closed in my house. If he wants to be with his mom, let him go and see how he’ll turn out. It’s going to be the same thing because his mom is with someone else as well.

    2. Totally agree. Ship his a-s back home to his momma. He’s a brat. Stormie your mom is a hot bitter mess. Thank God everyday you’re not like her.

  2. Maurice just don’t get it I am a man and I understand EXACTLY what Kimmi saying she may be a bonus mom however she only gonna feel but so comfortable discipling Monster…what she has been asking Maurice CONSTANTLY is to back her up…Maurice is a A** hole

  3. Stormi should let them grown women be period.
    Monstet seems zoned out to me. Apparently his parents are just hearing themselves talk. Maurice needs to be more hands-on with his son doing man things but Monster needs to respect Kimmi.
    It looks like Marty is trying to be Martell again but he needs to stop whining when he can’t have his way.

  4. I agree that Kimmi does not need the stress, especially with all she is going through. And Maurice does not seem to understand what bonding means. Picking your child up from school is not bonding with him. And Monster is spoiled at 16, his mother was still washing his clothes??? No, he needs to be washing dishes, raking the yard, ironing his own clothes and maybe a part time job. He sits in his room all day and does what.

    Finally, is it just me but has anyone else noticed when Maurice says they are all parenting Monster, Kiuwha’s husband is never present? He is never present and does not ever come to town with her.
    Like when Maurice wanted to give her a home to move back to Alabama, hubby was not consulted??? Its all strange but Monster needs to do stuff on his own because he will be in college in two years and is Kiuwha still going to wash his clothes?

    1. No Tommie72, it’s not just you. I noticed Kiuwha’s husband is never present when they discuss Monster. He is co-parenting too and should participate in these family meetings.

      I also don’t understand why Maurice thinks picking his son up from school is bonding or quality time.

      Kimmie is always the voice of reason and they all need to get on the same page as her.

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