LHHATL Recap: Spice is Done with Karlie Redd + Karlie is Devastated

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On the recent episode of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta,” Karlie managed to rub Spice the wrong way with her recent actions. Although Spice really didn’t like that Karlie submitted their song to the Grammys behind her back, it’s Karlie’s decision to buy the house across the street that is the last straw. Apparently, Spice told Karlie months prior that she didn’t want her as a neighbor. And Spice really stressed that keeping her space and prioritizing privacy are important things to her. So now Spice doesn’t feel the friendship is worth holding on to. 

And Jessica White is ready to take on the music industry. However, she’s not ready to trade in class for a more risqué image. 

Here’s a recap for, “Thin Redd Line.”

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  1. I don’t Jessica White for Love and Hip Hop…she seems too bougie…and the scenes with Carly is cringe to me … WHY did she buy a house across the street from Spice after she said she didn’t want her to do that? It’s giving when Kanye bought the house across the street from Kim…

  2. I’m not surprised everyone is turning on Karlie. It’s been said when she got engaged that she’s been eating out of the cookie jar for years

  3. She’s being a little too hard on Karlie. It seems like Karlie has been bullied and picked on for years and just finally found what she thought was a real friend who had her back and she appreciates it. Yes she’s gone too far with buying the house next door but, it’s like Karlie said, she didn’t sleep with her husband or steal money or betray her.

  4. I agree Karlie went to far with the house next door without talking with her friend..but Soice is clearly on some other bs..Saying somebody trying to ride her coat tail is far fetch. Spice is still a struggling singer and if she didn’t know Meda her song would have never been nominated for a dang award. Calm down Spice, Karma is heading your way and Karlie will still be standing.

  5. If it haven’t been for karlie ,spice wouldn’t be on the show she full of it I don’t care for Spice she took advantage of Karlie to come up in America

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