RHOA Recap: Sheree Brings Some of the OGs Back + Kim Still Isn’t Here for Kandi & Kenya

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On the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Sheree brings back Lisa Wu, Kim Zolciak, and DeShawn Snow to catch up and talk about the early days of the show. They feel the bond they have can never be broken because they were there at the very beginning. And even their past feuds can’t change that. 

Of course, some shade was thrown as well. Kim is still angry with Kenya for the blowup they had years go. She feels like Kenya came for her daughter. So she doesn’t see a way for them to ever be cordial. And while she did have a good moment with Kandi at Porsha Williams’ wedding, she hasn’t moved on from the lawsuit Kandi filed. So they still aren’t on good terms. 

Plus, Sanya tasks Kenya to be the auctioneer at her charity event for single mothers. Kenya shows up late but she is able to help Sanya achieve her $50,000 goal and more. 

Here’s a recap for, “Better Late Than Ugly.”

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  1. Kim Z can go away. She just needs to earn a paycheck but she really needs psychotherapy. She talked about Kenya like a dog and when Kenya returned fire, she got mad. Deshawn isn’t made for RHOA. She’s in another class of women in a good way. Lisa Wu would be a good comeback because she’s not going to take any sh_t from any of those women.

    Sheree is barely hanging on an she’s reaching just to keep her paycheck. I like Sheree and I want her to win. She’s on the wrong team & she needs to wake up.

    Marlo is going to bite Sheree again. That’s a guarantee!

    Kenya is my Aquarius sister and I want to see her continue to live her best life with Brooklyn. Pay Mark off, break your ties and move on. He is an emotionally abusive man. You deserve better and shouldn’t look back. Brooklyn and you will be just fine.

    Kandi, Drew & Monyetta has superstardom written all over them. Use your platform and continue to be blessed.

    The other woman and Marlo can go, like now! They don’t even have to finish the season. Marlo is going to do to Bravo what NeeNee did. She has no emotional maturity whatsoever. She will bite and be vindictive as soon as she doesn’t get her way.

    1. I totally agree with everything Inger said. Kim was there just for a paycheck. she never went on any girl trips with the ladies. How the heck you have an issue with kandi when she was a friend and looked out for you. If it wasn’t for her, you wouldn’t have that extra stream of income from that song. A true friend would’ve been like Kandi you’re right here’s something for what you did for me and my kids so I don’t have to solely rely on big popa. She’s an token entitled high class pr-stitue. Kroys family knew what she was about from the beginning. That’s why they never liked her gold digging ass.her karma will catch up to her. Kroy needs to cut his ties and raise his kids in a humble environment.

  2. This is honestly one of the worst seasons I’ve ever seen. Sheree thought bringing on all the OGs sans NeNe was going to be eventful but it fell flat. The scene was boring and all it did was remind me why NeNe is so important to this show and why Kim should stay away. But since NeNe can never come back, it’s up to the network and production to make better casting choices. They are being really stubborn about this but if they keep the same cast next season, I fear RHOA may be done.

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