LAMH Recap: Stormi Goes off on Marsau + Stormi and LaTisha Clash

LAMH Season 6 Episode 15 Recap
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On tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” it’s finally time for the Blaque Business Expo to begin. Unfortunately, it starts off rough as Stormi goes off on Marsau. Marsau approached Stormi about the booth fee just as the event was to begin.

Stormi felt disrespected about this and this leads to a tense conversation between her and LaTisha after the event.

And despite not speaking or having a booth, Melody appears at the event. While there, she speaks to Martell’s Brother Montez. Marcus joins her and he gets a laugh from Martell when Martell asks for his help to get Melody to let her guard down regarding him.

After the event, Stormi and Courtney speak about having another child with Courtney informing her about what he told his mom.

Here’s the recap for, “Give Blaque to the Community.”

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  1. I have lost all respect for Lemon Head Maurice. He is so worried about his own sexual needs during a time where his wife is fighting for her life. Kimmi needs to do some evaluating of her marriage.

    Martell is a selfish jerk, he looks pathetic because it’s him that ruin his marriage. He had to suffer a long time for what he did. You can see it on his face. You reap what you sow.

    Can Tiffany go have that baby, she should have stayed home. She gets on my nerves always butting in everyone’s business. I’m not sure what type if marriage she has, there doesn’t seems to be any affection between those two.

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣You win because once you said lemonhead, I hollered. But you are so right because he seems to have no empathy for Kimmi. I understand he has needs but she literally has poison-chemo running through her body that is a lot to bear and that should take priority over everything. Unfortunately, I have watched both my parents experience it and one has transitioned. My dad had lung cancer and the chemo was the worst and my has ovarian and started treatment again.
      Martell just needs Jesus. He cheated on Mel with Coleslaw for five years, justified his behavior and dogged out her brother and proceeds to have fits like a petulant child. Yes, he is reaping all he has done. He takes no accountability.

      Stormi is better than me because I would not have given Marsau a darn dime and here is why. He and Latisha were so pressed about no one getting paid or having sponsors, why turn around and charge everyone? If it was for the community and Stormi did her part, why press her and anyone else for a $100.00 booth fee?
      Tiffany does seem like the bone carrier because she was all the way out of line for asking Shere anything about her communication. Like her husband said to her, Mel does not come to you for advice, stay out of her business.

  2. Martel, Marsau, and Maurice are all after women’s money, I’m wondering if Marsau and Tisha are having money problems, they seem to always be so needy, I do not believe they are going to put the money back into the community as they claim.

  3. Stormi was giving Marsau what he was looking for. She’s not passive like latisha. Stormi wanted all of the smoke. She was helping them out. He’s being petty for a measly $100. How unprofessional. His punk behind better tread lightly with Stormi. Also Martell has his nerve. If it wasn’t for him his children wouldn’t be in this situation. He talked all that crap about Mel’s brother but now he want his help and have the nerve to call this man childish. How dare the two year old Martell who’s throwing tantrums because he’s being held accountable for his actions. Also how low and classless of him requesting Mel to pay his lawyer fees. He only wants custody of the kids to hurt Mel and to try to get child support. He’s half of a man without Mel. That’s why he was so worried about her being up there on that stage. Lay in your bed with fleas Martell . Lastly how dare latisha try to confront someone about the way they talk to her husband when he was dead as wrong. She than lied and said she spoke to Marsau about the situation. Girl have several seats. You don’t have a backbone and everyone knows your husband doesn’t respect you. Even your own children are well aware. Try to run game on someone else.

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