LHHATL Recap: Scrappy & Sierra Process Their Blowup + Spice Receives More Bad News

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On the recent episode of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta,” Scrappy and Sierra are both upset about their recent blowup. Sierra is furious that Scrappy called her out of her name. And Scrappy doesn’t like that Sierra accused him of not wanting to pay child support. He really wants Sierra and Erica Mena to stay out of his business with Bambi. 

Meanwhile, Sierra is upset that Khaotic didn’t do more to calm down the situation. He lets Sierra know he doesn’t feel it was his duty to get involved and check Scrappy. But he does end up encouraging Scrappy to hash things out with Sierra. 

Mendeecees rubs his mother the wrong way when he has a really transparent moment during an interview. 

And Spice receives more news that only adds to all of the stress she’s been carrying. 

Here’s a recap for, “Sorry, Not Sorry.”

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  1. Sierra needs to mind her business. She and Eria both need to stay in their lane. If your bold enough to jump up in a man’s face u get what u give. Bambi using her minions to fight her battle. She out her finger in that man’s face and pushed him. Scirra is not a victim. Nor is Erica. They need a storyline and they want to run up on Scrappy. Mind you business people. If u can’t Impartial sit down and shut up!!

    1. I totally agree….I don’t like them….they’re good at playing victim…Sierra was all the way wrong then go in the car and cry….you’re right…she needs a storyline…her and Erica….theyre boring and brings nothing tongue show…none of them do to be honest

  2. I am not a Scrappy fan by any means HOWEVER Sierra was WRONG just as a MAN should not be AGGRESSIVE with a woman it’s vice-versa…Sierra was all up in that man face pushing him and arguing with him about his marriage GIRL you could not save your own relationship because your sp ENTITLED have SEVERAL SEATS

  3. I don’t give a d-mn about Erica and Sierra being in Scrappy’s business because Momma Dee has been in his business and a menace for years unchecked. I just wish Erica Dixon’s friends did this for her because God knows I hated the way Momma Dee and Scrappy did her! Drag his a-s Sierra and Erica! Scrappy isn’t held accountable enough if you ask me.

    1. I’m with you LL. Momma Dee is the onevthat told MULTIPLE people that Diamond called her and said her period was late. If Diamond even thought she was pregnant that means herel and Scrappy been having sex for a while (unprotected) all while calling Bambi a bad wife. H@ll yeah my girls gonna ride for me just like I would so dor them. That’s what I think it’s more about. Not they bitter or have nothing going on. This dude out there disparaging his wife when he doing all the wrong – according to his mom.

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