RHOA Recap: Drew & Ralph Grow Further Apart

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On the recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Drew and Ralph’s issues are becoming hard for everyone else to ignore. Ralph and Drew disagree about the effectiveness of therapy. Ralph didn’t think it helped their marriage at all. In fact, he feels therapy sessions only led to more arguments. So he quit attending the sessions with Drew. As for Drew, she wishes Ralph would have given therapy more time before deciding it wasn’t helpful. As they grow further apart, Drew has decided she will no longer be gaslit by Ralph. 

Another person Drew has uncertainty about is Ralph’s cousin Courtney. Monyetta calls out Courtney for calling Drew a *****, but Courtney denies this. However, producers come with some receipts. 

Plus, Kenya is leaning toward having another baby even if Marc will be the child’s father. 

Here’s a recap for, “Wreck-It, Ralph.”

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  1. I can sympathize with Drew with how Ralph is treating her. You love a man so much that he totally ignores your feelings. Not good like he doesn’t care. Sad

  2. Make it all disappear!

    Sorry ladies but Bravo needs to do an overhaul and bring in all new characters. You have allowed others to bring down your show. Today, I could care less whether I see the show or not and I haven’t missed a show since its debut.

  3. Anyone else notice how badly everyone is treating Drew with the exception of Sanya? They are definitely giving her the Porsha treatment and I don’t like it when they gang up on one person like this. All we hear about is how much Drew lies but Sheree is sitting right there. Why don’t they keep the same energy with Sheree when she lies as much as she breathes?

    1. You tell it. Sheree is full of crap with her community property of a man she has. Couldn’t even cover her dinner party. Embarrassing. You as a man going to ask her friends to electronically send you money to cover the cost of dinner. It’s a whole new ball game out here. I know he really miss his wife. Mel is out here shining and living her best life collecting them coins . The grass not greener Martell. Shelter is still going to be single and miserable. You can tell, just the way Tyrone played her. Her karma for being the way she is.

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