LHHMIA Recap: Sukihana & Bobby Clash Over Her New Image + Amara & Safaree Are Dating

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Sukihana wants a more sophisticated image. 

Safaree has moved to Miami to get a fresh start after his messy divorce from Erica Mena. He accompanies Trick Daddy when he has his gold teeth removed after many years of wearing them. 

They talk about the speculation surrounding Amara and Safaree. Safaree denies that they are hooking up. However, Trick doesn’t believe this because he’s noticed their chemistry. 

Safaree isn’t the only person looking for a fresh start. Sukihanna has revamped her image. She doesn’t want to be “ghetto” anymore. But while she’s promoting her new song, interviewers keep bringing up her past controversies. So it’s been really frustrating for Suki. And she doesn’t feel like she’s being taken seriously. 

Ray J has concerns about Princess’ love of poker. 

Trina invites Bobby, Amara, and Miami Tip out to see her Tiny Desk concert. She confirms she broke off her engagement to Raymond. Lately, she’s been wanting to just focus on herself and not have to owe anyone anything. Amara is also single. Her engagement to Allen didn’t work out. Bobby warns her to be careful with Safaree because he doesn’t have the best track record. Regardless, Amara denies dating Safaree. 

Ray J attends Trick Daddy’s hosting gig in Vegas. He and Princess moved there because his mother-in-law resides in Vegas. However, Ray J wants their family to move back to Miami because Princess is addicted to playing poker in the casino. And he worries it could cause some major issues in their marriage because she already lost $1.2 million. 

Amara and Safaree confirm they are dating. 

Safaree and Amara hang out. They kiss and confirm they are secretly dating. While Amara wants them to come out publicly about their romance, she’s afraid there will be backlash. Safaree has a reputation of being a womanizer. But he denies that he juggles women. Meanwhile, producers flash back to scenes of Safaree in messy situations. 

Although Amara wants to avoid negative social media comments, she agrees they can’t hide forever. So they will confirm their relationship at the birthday party she planned for her twin daughters. 

Princess isn’t feeling Ray J’s criticism of her hobby. 

Ray J confronts Princess at a casino. He tells her that her gambling is hurting their marriage. And he’s upset she’s already lost $1.2 million. Princess tells him she’s been training for an upcoming poker tournament. And she already won one recently despite only learning to play six months ago. 

In a green screen interview, Princess says Ray J was absent most of their relationship for work. So he should respect the fact that she found a hobby she loves. 

Shay reacts to Amara and Safaree’s romance. 

It’s the day of the birthday party for Amara’s twins. Shay attends with her baby daddy Fabo. He moved to Miami to be with her and their daughter. And she’s happy. In a green screen interview, she says she and Amara have been working on their friendship. But she’s a bit disappointed when Amara and Safaree confirm they are together. She suspects it won’t end well given Safaree’s history with women. 

He even gifted the twins Rolex watches. 

Sukihana and Bobby have a heated moment. 

Ray J asks Princess to take a break from gambling after she participates in an upcoming tournament. And he suggests they move to Miami so gambling won’t ruin their marriage. However, Princess doesn’t want to stop gambling. She doesn’t want to go back to Miami either.

Bobby shows up to support Sukihana’s event for her new single, “Casamigos.” He tells her she shouldn’t clean up her image because doing so is not being true to herself. Sukihana isn’t feeling Bobby’s advice. So she goes off on him. He’s caught off guard by Suki’s angry response. And when she doesn’t back down, he decides to remove himself because he thinks Suki is just being insecure. 

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