LHHMIA Recap: Amara & Safaree Blame Erica Mena for Backlash + Trina is Called Out

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Safaree and Amara aren’t feeling Erica Mena’s internet actions. 

Trina is working on a collaboration album entitled, “Queens Don’t Compete”. Supa Cindy invites Trina to come out to her event and meet Zoey Brinkxx. She thinks the up-and-coming artist would be great as a feature on “Queens Don’t Compete.” 

Amara tells Safaree she’s not feeling the backlash they have been receiving on social media. Since their coming out moment at the twins’ birthday party, Erica Mena has been dragging them. Now people are labeling Safaree a deadbeat dad. 

Safaree tells Amara he’s been paying child support. So he’s not understanding why Mena was so angry about him gifting the twins Rolex watches. 

Shay thinks there is some truth to the rumors about Safaree. 

Safaree and Fabo are bonding until Shay crashes their positive moment. Shay warns Fabo not to get too close to Safaree. She thinks he’s a womanizer so she’s not excited to see him pairing up with Amara. Fabo thinks Safaree is a good guy. And Shay is rushing to judge him based on what she’s heard. 

Trick Daddy catches up with Gunplay. Gunplay says he struggled with addiction. But his 24-year-old wife Vonshae changed his life. She’s a Ph.D. student and her ambition drew him to her. Their daughter is the reason he had to go grow up. 

Shay and Fabo hang out with Safaree. Fabo and Safaree bond over their Jamaican heritage. Safaree asks Shay what she thinks about his romance with Amara. She admits she’s not feeling the relationship. It’s hard for her to believe there isn’t any truth to the rumors about him. 

Trina disappoints Zoey Brinxx and Supa Cindy. 

Zoey Brinxx is an up-and-coming rapper and singer. She’s been dealing with financial hardship. So an invitation to Supa Cindy’s cypher is a big deal for her. She’s hoping she’ll get a chance to rap for Trina. However, things don’t play out that way.

On the day of the event, Trina isn’t in a good mood. Supa Cynt tries to get Zoe a chance to rap for Trina. But Trina isn’t interested. And she decides to leave early. Supa and Zoe label Trina’s behavior as rude. 

Gunplay and Vonshae’s peaceful romance is stirred by a visit from Vonshae’s mother. She gets into an argument with Gunplay. He thinks she said some disrespectful things. And he won’t tolerate being disrespected. 

Amara and Shay hash things out. Shay admits she’s been hard on Safaree because she cares for Amara. And she’s being overprotective of Amara because she’s fearful Safaree will hurt her. 

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  1. I know your intentions are pure Shay but let people find out about what they need to know on their own. I had to do it and NO it’s not a good feeling. Richard should know better to disrespect someone’s mom. There’s a better way to keep the peace than to be rude and disrespectful.

    1. Exactly…but Richard was in jail,but he’s out and his wife has a restraining order against him and she’s filing for divorce because in her post she said he had started back to using and threaten to harm her. It’s been in the news..

  2. I’m glad they are calling Trina out. Don’t try to blame it on editing. You contradict yourself all the time. Act like you’re for woman power and to help others come behind you. Your attitude stinks. Your whole demeanor was off putting. I applaud Bobby for calling out his cousin as well. You wasted gas by just walking in and out. It would’ve been Berger if you didn’t even show up. For all of that you should’ve FaceTimed if you were to “booked and busy” to commit. I see why you can’t keep a man. I hope your attitude changes if not your life is going to continue to be the way it is. No matter how much materialistic crap you have. You come across as a self absorbed individual

    1. Exactly….I am glad someone sees how conceited she is….She has the mindset where she’s the Queen of Miami…u can just look at her demeanor and tell she has a very nasty attitude…. it’s not editing… it’s who u truly are boo!!

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