‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Brooke Goes off on Vanessa + Brittany Explains ‘Date’ with Shaq

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On the recent episode of “Basketball Wives,” Vanessa and Evelyn are still trying to process the messy exchange they had at their first meeting. Evelyn wants an apology. Meanwhile, Vanessa doesn’t think she did anything wrong because she doesn’t like side chicks. When they attempt to discuss this while Shaunie is in town, Evelyn realizes this isn’t something she can ever move on from. And she thinks Vanessa crossed the line with her family. Brooke sides with Evelyn and goes all the way off on Vanessa. 

Plus, Brittany has a very interesting first meeting with Shaunie after headlines claim she went on a “date” with Shaq. Turns out, she didn’t classify it as a date. 

Here’s a recap for, “Homewreckers.”

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  1. Why does Jennifer lips look as though they are too big for her mouth. Everytime she talks she makes my stomach hurt just looking at her mouth. I have to change the channel until she’s off. And she always has attitude thinking she’s all that.

  2. So what that Jennifer extends an olive branch to Jackie. I am still angry at Shaunie for how she handled Tami who is no longer on the show so who cares about her marriage

    1. I agree with you regarding Shaunie, not fair at all when it comes to Tami, in reality she’s doing great things, so she not to come back to Messy Basketball Wives. Jennifer Lips (wow) 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷need to be covered.

  3. Evelyn was messy to ask Brittany about Shaq and Shaunie was equally as messy not to stop her. She is married and supposed to be a first lady. Why should she care who her ex husband went out with. These girls always make an issue out of nothing. Additionally that little rant that Brooke did to Vanessa about minding her own business should have gone to her friend Evelyn. Evelyn is all in Shaq and Brittany’s business, and she doesnt have her fake engagement under control. It wouldnt be shocking if it is not called off. Brittany should have directed them straight to hell. Neither Brooke or Evelyn should have never been brought back, Brooke needs to stop believing the mirror if she thinks some of those clothes she wears is cute. She is awkwardly shaped and she is always wearing too little/tight clothes. Everyone keeps talking about Jennifer’s lips, I agree but Brooke’s are the same way and she whines all the time. It’s the same deal, Shaunie is going to let Evelyn and Brooke do whatever they want and everybody else will be treated differently.

  4. All of them are messy. Jennifer talkin’ about her peace but always startin’ $#!+

    Jennifer telling what Vanessa said in their meeting. None if them can keep anything to themselves.
    Evelyn running her mouth to Shaunie.
    Evelyn calling folks out of their name once again.
    Brooke is always inserting herself in other people’s beef.
    I’m so sick of them

  5. If it wasn’t for crazy Jackie I wouldn’t ever watch this show again. Haven’t seen this episode yet, have to be super-bored and nothing else on? These thirsty for a check washed up, clicky broads are disgusting

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