‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Clayanna Pushes Jennifer + Evelyn Comes Clean to LaVon

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On the recent episode of “Basketball Wives,” Jennifer and Clayanna originally seem open to hashing out their issues after they clashed in front of the rest of the group. Jennifer says she wasn’t being shady when she asked Clayanna who she already knew on the show and what connections she made prior. However, Clayanna doesn’t believe this. Things only worsen when they argue during their one-on-one sit-down. And Clayanna ends up pushing Jennifer. 

Evelyn tells La’Von she hasn’t been able to shake the fear she has about getting married again. He’s happy to give her some time to figure things out. But he won’t stay in the relationship if Evelyn decides marriage is something she doesn’t want to do at all. 

Here’s a recap for, “Who Are You, Where Did You Come From?”

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  1. I don’t care for Jen however I think Clayanna was doing way too much and she is SLOW with her CLAP BACKS stuttering all over her words BYE Clayanna please leave through the nearest EXIT.

  2. I had to roll when Clayanna moved Jennifer out of the way…that wasn’t close to a push at all 🙄.
    I get Evelyn shying away from marriage but some if not all is her fault because she really didn’t know her suitors. I don’t think she was clout chasing but she wanted to be equal to the other ladies.
    Jennifer straight disrespected Clayanna. It was how she enquired about who she was. Let’s be clear…Jenn ain’t no basketball wife…she was a football wife. So how did she get on the show? After her divorce she was on the hunt for a man with coins. Sooo for her to check someone else’s resume was too much! Clayanna shoulda reached up and smacked her.
    Jennifer’s new dude 🤨 I got questions like I’ve had with others she’s dated.

  3. Clayanna acts like a hood rat. I may not care for Jennifer, but I don’t care for black women who insist on being stereotypes on reality tv because they don’t have the emotional intelligence to process a conversation or conflict like an adult. She can go.

  4. Claysnna wants to be relevant and she is very aggressive.how dare u insult a woman because doesn’t have a child.respect the OG and I hope u enjoyed ur few minutes fame cos you want be back next season.u r irrelevant to the show

  5. See this is what I am talking about. Why continue with this show when it should have been CUT a long time ago? People who have NO relevance are popping up and are making the show worse

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