LAMH Recap: Melody Changes Her Last Name + Martell Feels Betrayed by Chris and Nell

LAMH Season 6 Episode 23 Martell
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On tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” while both KeKe and Melody receive great news, Martell becomes upset when he learns who’s attending Melody’s name change ceremony. Specifically, he goes off on Nell when she tells him she and Chris are attending. Martell not only claims Melody cheated multiple times during their marriage, he demands Nell ask Melody so he can prove it.

Next, LaTisha and KeKe’s relationship seems to be irreparable at this time. But good news for KeKe, however, as a drug test reveals she’s not using again, which goes against what LaTisha believes. When Melody tries to talk to LaTisha about this, she shuts it down and leaves the date Melody is hosting for them.

On the other hand, Marsau expresses regret for his actions during last week’s episode. He also says he squashed things with Stormi’s insight into her revelation regarding her friend.

Lastly, KeKe’s fed up with Tiffany talking about her family, specifically referring to the reason why she and her husband are moving.

Here’s the recap for, “Holt her Accountable.”

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  1. Who does Martell think he is? He was the one that choose to have a lengthy affair for years and being reckless and not protecting himself , he gets someone pregnant and expects Mel and everyone else to just ignore his behavior. I’m so glad Mel is taking back her maiden name. It’s not a slap in his face it’s a sign of her own power because I’m sure he’s been using her name as clout for himself. By her going by Melody Shari Rogers he can no longer be associated with her positive image. The nerve of him threatening anyone that would attend the party…..Boy bye!!

  2. Martell ‘Deflexxion’ Holt needs to stop throwing tantrums when he can’t have his way.
    Tiffany has had her baby so she had better watch out for Keke and Stormi.
    I’m very proud of Melody and her looking out for herself. Yeeesss girl! Take your name back. Undo those Holt shackles!!

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