‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Vanessa Comes for Jennifer’s Boo

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On the recent episode of “Basketball Wives,” the tension in the group only worsens. Clayanna and Brooke think it’s a respect issue with the OGs. They don’t feel like the OGs are making an honest effort to get to know any of the newbies. And they believe Brooke is the biggest offender. So they aren’t willing to back down. Plus, they aren’t convinced Jackie and Jac’Eil aren’t two faced. 

Evelyn and Jennifer have made a lot of progress when it comes to mending their friendship. However, Shaniece isn’t sure this is a good thing. She hasn’t moved on from some of the comments Jennifer allegedly said when she wasn’t on good terms with Evelyn years ago. 

And Vanessa’s interest in Jennifer’s relationship will likely result in more drama.

Here’s a recap for “Cooking with Fire.”

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  1. Well good for you Shaniece. You’re the only one who isn’t FAKE and can be honest about how you TRULY feel

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