‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: The Ladies Question Dr. Greg’s Fiancee’ Lateasha

Married to Medicine Season 8 Episode 1 Recap
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

On tonight’s “Married to Medicine” season premiere, fans are introduced to Phaedra Parks and Greg Lunceford’s fiancee’ Lateasha.

First, Phaedra says she’s dating a doctor. However, he’s yet to show his face on the show. 

Next, Dr. Greg moved Lateasha into his home which is the one he shared with Quad. Lateasha put her own spin on the place and is laying claim to her man.

The couple hosts their engagement party with the cast as guests. 

Things get testy when Dr. Heavenly asks if Lateasha’s ever been called a gold digger and the women bring up Quad.

Here’s the recap for, “Southern Sweet Tea.”

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  1. If I were to be Greg’s wife he would be buying us a new home. I’m not going to lay my head where a former wife has been
    It’s sacrilegious to me.

  2. Dr. Greg was embarrassed, and heartbroken when his marriage with Quad ended.
    I hope his fiancée is committed and true in becoming his wife .

  3. Heavenly and Jackie who talked this woman into being on the show were the most negative. The gold-digger question was over the top. The ladies seemed to be in better places with each other.

  4. Heavenly and Jackie talked this woman into being on the show only to the first to be shady towards her. The gold digger question was tacky, but coming from Heavenly it was to be expected.

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