RHOP Recap: Ashley Causes Feud Between Wendy & Nneka + Says This Was An Accident

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On the recent episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” Karen and Mia are able to hash things out after they clashed during the previous season. Mia agrees she was wrong to accuse Karen of having an affair. But she didn’t make that up because someone really told her. Regardless, she apologizes. And Karen says they will take their time rebuilding their friendship. However, she can’t say the trust will ever be there again. 

Juan is annoyed with people’s opinions and interest in the rumors about him. He and Robyn aren’t worried about the optics of him being spotted in public with another woman. Robyn is confident that Juan is not having an affair with his coworker. 

Plus, Ashley accidentally instigates tension between Wendy and the newbie Nneka. She does this by misrepresenting comments from past conversations regarding their Nigerian culture. 

Here’s a recap for, “Home Sweet Drama.”

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  1. Ashley is a pot stirrer, she knew exactly what she was doing, she stirs things up and then play innocent, like she doesn’t know what is going on, and as for Robyn, I am wondering how long she is going to be wearing her Blind Shades.

  2. Ashley did what she does best repeat.
    Robyn and Juan need to stop tslking, they sound like they lying.
    Gisselle thinks Karen should apoligise, when Robyn has been after Karen. Gisselle is reaching.

  3. We all know Juan and Robin discussed what they would say when the 📷 started filming…The new housewife said on Rolling Out that Ashley is not the cause of her and Wendy beef HOWEVER Ashley was ASHLEYING!!!! but i love me some Ashley and she Fine.

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