RHOP Recap: Ashley Tries to Make Amends With Nneka and Wendy + Nneka Calls out Wendy

RHOP Season 8 Episode 3 Recap
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On the latest “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” Karen asks Robyn some tough questions and probes Ashley about Michael’s lawsuit against Candiace.

As this happens, Mia is feeling some type of way about Wendy calling her slow. She feels that that crosses the line because of her son’s learning disability.

Meanwhile, Wendy introduces her friend Keiarna to Candiace and they talk about Ashley stirring the pot between Wendy and Nneka. And Wendy has a special event upcoming for her sons as part of their faith. However, Ashley wants to use the moment to clear the air between Nneka and Wendy.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop Nneka from making shocking claims about Wendy’s family

Here’s the recap for, “Heaven is a Place in Potomac.”

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  1. Look at Juan smiling and touching Robyn!
    Ashley admitted to repeating her conversation with Aneka wrong, but the there was no mistaking what Aneka said about Wendy and her mother. Robyn pretending not to know why Karen came for her. Did she forget dressing as pizza delivery to prove where Karen lived, comments about Ray’s IRS problems, Karen’s business deals, and saying Karen was cheating on Ray? Robyn has made Karen her focus for years. Now, we know why, Juan and his “activities”

  2. Ashley once again being a bit of a bubble head and messy. But Nneka reminds me of Wendy when she 1st came to the show, full of herself! And as far as it goes for Robyn Dixon, she’s been a snake and a bully from day one. But can’t handle it when she’s in the hot seat. And why is the older looking woman, who Karen had arguments with still on here? She’s so uninteresting and matronly looking. I can’t think of her name.🤷🏽‍♀️

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