“Rasing Kanan” Recap: Det. Howard and Raq Make Shocking Decisions

Raising Kanan Season 3 Episode 1 Recap
Photo Credit: Starz

During the “Raising Kanan” season premiere, Raq makes major decisions after the mob attacks her and her entire operation. She decides to “leave the game.” When she tells Kanan during a family meeting, Kanan storms out.

Meanwhile, Lou Lou’s also fed up with Raq. He tells Marvin that Raq admitted she was wrong to assign him to take out Crown. He also tells Kanan about what happened with his friend D-Wiz.

Meanwhile, Det. Howard has to make a major decision of how own when he learns his partner is on to him, Raq, and Kanan. This, as Det. Howard helps Raq pen everything on Crown.

Here’s the recap for, “Home Sweet Home.”

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