LHHATL Recap: Yandy’s Cousin Gets Bad News + Renni Becomes Sick While in Belize

LHHATL Season 11 Episode 19 Yandy
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On the recent episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” Yandy and Kisha are still hoping they can get Mendeecees to agree to help Kisha become a mother. Recently, Kisha’s doctor told her she has five new fibroids. And since she also has endometriosis, she will have to get surgery to conceive. Kisha is tired of surgery, so the new plan is for her to use a surrogate. However, she still wants to use Yandy’s egg. And this is still a lot for Mendeecees. 

Scrappy is still splitting his time between Diamond and Erica Dixon. Plus, a trip to Belize leads to an emotional revelation by Shekinah. 

Here’s a recap for, “I Can’t Belize It.”

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  1. Kisha may not want to have another surgery but she’ll have to. She will hemmorage during her menstrual cycle. At this point she needs to consider a Hysterectomy. The fibroids will continue to grow. I speak from experience.
    Mendeecees is a man. I expect him not to understand what women have to endure. I do commend him for wanting to know more.
    Scrappy having a good time is well deserved. And why not with women he knows?
    ‘The Spice Girls’ trip was nice. I coulda been there with them. I enjoyed the bonding and the peace they sought.

  2. Scrappy is so toxic. Black women with low self esteem are so sad to me. Erica and Diamond deserve exactly what they get since they are both fine with Scrappy juggling them like basics for over a decade. I would NEVER. Basic women are so boring. Scrappy shouldn’t even be on this show anymore. He hasn’t changed and had the same storyline since 2012. This is why people don’t watch anymore. There’s no point.

  3. Scrappy broke up his family and still hasn’t learned. People ignore how awful and problematic he is because he’s ignorant and can’t speak/write properly so they think he’s harmless. But Scrappy is a failure of a man and he’s the reason why his children will all grow up in different homes. You do not procreate with little boys like him or you’ll waste years of your life dealing with foolishness. I expected Diamond to be stupid but my goodness Erica is really blowing me. Is she hard up for money or something?! Girl get some self esteem and common sense!

  4. Another boring episode. Scrappy and the OGs can all go. None of them are interesting anymore and I don’t care who he’s sleeping with when he’s renting another home and has nothing but plastic cups and paper plates at his big age. He’s embarrassing and you have to be slow to entertain him at this point. Yandy’s storylines are usually fake too. It may be time for this show to die.

  5. Scrappy having all that “fun” is going to lead to something he and both women can’t get rid of. No cap! 💯

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