‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Sweet Tea Goes off on Dr. Jackie + Dr. Jackie is Done with Sweet Tea

married to medicine season 10 episode 12 recap
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On the recent episode of “Married to Medicine,” Simone is still feeling pressure for planning the couples’ trip to Hilton Head. As expected, Curtis is uncomfortable returning to the scene of his misdeed. Curtis also worries that someone in the group will speak on the situation again. Despite this, Jackie and Curtis eventually pull up to the rental And Sweet Tea calls out Jackie when she starts to feel like there could be a hypocrisy issue. 

At the height of their conversation, Sweet Tea snaps and makes everyone uncomfortable. An apology may not put Tea back in Jackie’s good graces. 

Here’s a recap for, “Hilton Head Here We Come.”

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  1. Sweet Tea won’t be around for long if she doesn’t learn how to talk to people. She may be on Jackie’s bad side now, but more importantly, her husband wasn’t at all pleased. The look on his face as she was acting the fool said it all. Coupled with her problems getting pregnant, is Gregg going to bale out? He might.

    1. Jackie doesn’t even know how to talk to her own patients, let alone the majority of her coworkers because she’s spends the majority of her time looking down on them. Sweet Tea will be just fine in life without Jackie’s friendship. She’s horrible in that department anyway. I truly believe Jackie’s god complex ruins this show. If she’s not allowed to be challenged, she needs to go.

      1. I agree and that silly Dr heavenly need to get a life and mind her own business..she’s so silly and remember what she told her daughter about putting something special in a man’s food. What’s wrong with this ignorant woman…wow

  2. This is my first time watching again since they did Quad wrong and in front of Sour Tea , I think she highly disrespected not only Jackie but everyone at the table , period including her husband and they all need to apologize to Quad she does not have to hang with them off camera or when she’s not getting paid , Toya wants Quad life and with all that’s been happening to Quad’s family give her Love and compassion but y’all professional black women couldn’t do that and now Cussin Tea done let loose

      1. Saying that they disrespect her and her husband every day is hyperbolic and isn’t an accurate representation of what has actually taken place. I get that Sweet Tea is tired of her relationship being the butt of jokes by the older ladies, but it’s increasingly clear that she has zero control over her emotions and it’s frankly unbecoming in an adult – regardless of how much younger she may be. With the repeated meltdowns she’s already had in her short time on the show, it’s clear that Sweet Tea needs therapy asap.

  3. This is my first time watching again since they did Quad wrong and in front of Sour Tea , I think she highly disrespected not only Jackie but everyone at the table , period including her husband and they all need to apologize to Quad she does not have to hang with them off camera or when she’s not getting paid , Toya wants Quad life and with all that’s been happening to Quad’s family give her Love and compassion but y’all professional black women couldn’t do that and now Cussin Tea done let loose

    1. I honestly don’t understand people like you. You’re a Quad fan but dislike Sweet Tea and defend Jackie when 1. Jackie is the main reason Quad was fired according to Heavenly and 2. Sweet Tea has never came for Quad and actually defended her. So my question is why are you and others so determined to consistently ignore Jackie’s mean girl antics? And the most important question, why do you all expect Sweet Tea, Quad, Buffie, Mariah and others to silently take Jackie’s mistreatment? Why is she owed so much respect but never has to give it? It isn’t adding up. School me, please.

  4. Team Sweet Tea. She’s real. If Bravo gives her the boot but keeps AnneMarie in RHOBH, then Bravo is the fool.

    Sweet Tea’s delivery may not have been smooth but she has a point! Jackie’s double standard is exposed.

    Phaedra calling Heavenly Jackie’s “henchman” is on point! Phaedra is an excellent addition, good job Bravo!

  5. 1st- Sweet Tea did nothing to Quad. She had nothing to do with Quad being voted off the team. 2nd- Jackie deserved that. Jackie has been a sneaky,mean, and disrespectful person to Sweet Tea all season. She and Heavenly talked that woman into doing the show, by their own admission,to make fun of her. Jackie has been very dismissive toward her. Jackie dishes dirt but she can’t handle the heat from what she does.

  6. I’m glad Sweet Tea gave Jackie a dose of her own medicine. I used to have so much respect for Jackie, but I don’t know what is going on with her this season. Sweet Tea is a whole grown woman. She and sometime they have been disrespecting that young lady. Just like Eugene pointed out, she’s not no baby or little girl. sweet tea has the right to give them what they give her. A person can only take but so much and that’s what you saw in North Carolina. This show is about putting everything on the table, what makes them exempt. Another thing about Jackie keep bringing Quads name up and mentioning the stripper. If Sweet tea bring up the Mistress, around Jackie the world would be over.

  7. Classic biased editing from Purveyors of Pop as usual so Sweet Tea can look crazy while Jackie is an evil human being in real life. What the producers didn’t show is Jackie and Heavenly literally begged Sweet Tea to join this show just for them to turn around and dog her out on camera. They hyped up her relationship/marriage to her face when the cameras weren’t around just to downplay everything from her looks and marriage/wedding for a storyline. But because Jackie and Heavenly have high positions in the medical field, this fan base continues to ignore all they do. They have done this now at least 5 times to different women from different backgrounds. So don’t mind me if the low ratings don’t make me sad. Jackie and Heavenly are the problem. Always have been! Tea should not have apologized. Jackie was being condescending as always, calling her a little girl like she’s not in her 30s and a military vet. I hate this show.

  8. And Jackie is out here in real life saying black women are dying giving birth more than other races because we’re overdramatic. She is the real villain. But y’all want to sit here and wag your fingers at Quad and Sweet Tea. Jackie hasn’t been cussed out enough and it shows. I think I’m done with this show. Heavenly and Jackie will never be held accountable. Smh.

  9. Naw f-ck all that. Jackie is constantly disrespectful to Sweet Tea. They keep trying to little girl her like she ain’t a veteran and she wasn’t making six figures via government contracts before she met Gregory. Millennials ain’t punks. If you’re a disrespectful elder, don’t expect us to respect you. You get back what you give. I’d cuss Jackie out too. She will talk crazy to a stranger. In season 1 or 2 she told a stranger at the bowling alley she was obese. That black woman was minding her business too. I was happy Heavenly checked her about it but now she’s Jackie’s pathetic attack dog. Jackie is mean as f-ck unwarranted. Being in her 60s and a doctor doesn’t give her a pass to show her a-s. She can still be checked and humbled like the rest of us.

  10. I loved it when Sweet Tea cussed out Jackie because she deserved it! Eugene clocked it when he said Jackie was trying her first with the “baby girl” and “little girl” comments. A 33 year old woman is not a child. Show respect to everyone! Everybody doesn’t do well with passive aggressiveness and they will let you have it on the right day!

    1. I don’t condone Dr. Jackie’s attitude or behavior, but I feel that there’s something not quite right about how Sweet Tea reacts to stressful or unpleasant situations. She appears to have very little control of her emotions and I question her stability.

  11. One more thing, there is really nothing any of the OGs left can do to make me be on their side about anything! They all came together and kicked Mariah off of the show she created! Then they did the same thing to Quad for no reason! So they’re all awful and evil to me! Sweet Tea is a much better person than all of them!

    1. All the OGs were not with pushing Mariah off, that was Jackie, Heavenly and Quad. They allowed Quad to let that effort and turned it on her. Jackie is the leader and Heavenly and Quad were the henchmen. Jackie, in my opinion, decided Mariah had to go when she let it be known that she had dirt with proof (Curtis still cheating). Jackie and Heavenly don’t want anything out there about Damon and Curtis. Quad has been the on camera face for destruction, Heavenly behind the scenes with production and Jackie the mastermind. Now 🤔 did it help Quad? Quad forgot Jackie was the leader, and their roles when she went to production for more money than Jackie. Quad played herself and Jackie said 👋

  12. I’m team Jackie all the way. Sweet Tea was out of line and Jackie handle it the right way. You don’t need to give off the same energy Sweet Tea did. Everybody is saying poor Quad. Quad needs to own up to what she did to Toya and Eugene last season and she hasn’t. I like Quad but she is wrong and need to appologize.

  13. Jackie was condescending and deserved what she got. She’s in her 60s and still doesn’t know how to treat other black women. What Sweet Tea said isn’t worse than calling a woman infertile to strangers during a speech and saying black women die via childbirth because we cry wolf. Jackie is terrible. I’ll take Sweet Tea over her any day of the week.

  14. I think Sweet Tea could have said it a different way but Dr. Jackie and Heavenly has been making jokes, insinuating stuff regarding her marriage and after a while you can’t take it. Hopefully, Dr. Jackie is not above accepting her apology. At least give her some grace and understanding Sweet Tea is going through a lot.

  15. Jackie came on the show. 1st day disrespecting people. Calling people fat. Then she and her Lemon Squeeze Chat BS was condescending in itself. She basically came in saying, “Since you guys have no sense and don’t know how to act, then I guess I have to teach you peasants!”
    She was great friends with Simone who was (I assume) one of the few OB/GYN sistas around. But when her husband cheated on her she started hanging with Heavenly posting a video selfie of herself singing along with, “Act up you gon’ get smacked up” I was shocked because I thought Jackie would’ve felt that was beneath her. I’m glad a lot of people are now seeing who she really is.

    As a matter of fact, Jackie popped up in our BHM program at work (a university hospital) about her saying Black Women OB/GYN patients are over dramatic. I hollered when I saw that!

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