LHHATL Recap: Erica Dixon Clashes With Karlie Redd + Karlie Serves Mama Dee

LHHATL Season 11 Episode 21
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Bambi is exhausted. 

Karlie Redd checks in on Bambi after she had a panic attack before her performance. Bambi is fed up with all the criticism she’s been receiving for divorcing Scrappy. Plus, Momma Dee has been attacking her constantly on social media. She’s decided to sue her former mother-in-law for defamation because people are leaving negative comments on her business profiles. And she doesn’t understand why people are coming for her so much when Scrappy was the problem in multiple relationships. 

Yung Joc makes funeral arrangements for his mother Vickie with Kendra and his younger brother Kwamie. Joc worries his brother could relapse back to street life once their mother passes away from cancer. But his brother feels being closer to Joc will prevent that. 

Momma Dee visits Erica Dixon’s boutique to buy an outfit for her upcoming eyelash line launch event. She plans to invite Erica and Diamond to the event despite their past blowups over Scrappy. Erica isn’t thrilled. 

A plan comes to fruition. 

Bambi meets with a lawyer about her ongoing issues with Momma Dee. Karlie Redd and Bambi’s mother also attend for support. She alleges Momma Dee told people to review bomb her businesses and her actions caused people to back out of doing business with her. And Bambi has been having panic attacks because Momma Dee won’t stop harassing her. At one point, Momma Dee even accused her of lying about graduating from college. In response, Bambi shows the lawyer a copy of her college transcripts and degree. The next stop is to send Momma Dee a cease and desist letter. 

Karlie will be the one to hand the letter to Momma Dee. 

Joc and his loved ones come together to bury his mother. He’s touched the entire family coming together. Even his youngest child Gianna is there. This wasn’t easy for Kendra but the couple has come a long way.

Erica Dixon clashes with Karlie Redd.

It’s the day of Momma Dee’s lash launch. Diamond says she will be cordial to Erica Dixon despite their messy past because of the drama they had taken place many years ago. 

Diamond asks Erica if she’s been intimate with Scrappy since reconnecting. She confirms Scrappy has been orally pleasing her. So Diamond wants to make sure they don’t have a “cross-contamination” situation. 

Erica confirms she hasn’t been messing around with Scrappy. In a green screen interview, Erica says nothing Diamond said surprised her because she knows she and Scrappy haven’t changed any. 

When Karlie makes it to the event, Erica refuses to speak. She says she doesn’t care for Karlie anymore because she’s fake for becoming friends with Bambi. 

Karlie gives Momma Dee the cease and desist letter. Momma Dee is not backing down. And she doesn’t care if Bambi dies at this point. 

After Karlie says Momma Dee has taken things too far, Erica tells Karlie that she is too emotionally invested. She goes off on Karlie for not going hard for her when she was at odds with Bambi. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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  1. All I want to talk about is how elegant Joc mom funeral service was. I’m glad it was what his mom would have wanted. R.I.H. To the family sorry for your loss. May the Lord help you all get through this most difficult time.

  2. I think cardi needs to mind her OWN BUSINESS stay out of it it’s always the innocent people that catches the heat

  3. Isn’t Scrappy mother involved in to much of his life where’s her husband and she’s up in age to be always meddling in her son’s life we can all see that she’s not being like this in her daughters life

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