RHOP Recap: Ashley’s Afraid of Divorcing Michael + Gizelle Crowns Nneka Queen of Potomac

RHOP Season 8 Episode 13 recap
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Ashley explains why she hasn’t finalized her divorce from Michael.

Mia has Ashley come over so they can catch up. They discuss her breakup with Michael. She confirms she’s afraid to make the divorce from Michael official because she watched her mom struggle when she was a child. She recalls seeing their things kicked out on the street, too. So she always worried about what could happen to her when she became a mother. But she still plans to be officially divorced by the end of the year.

The ladies don’t know what to expect during the upcoming girls’ trip to the Dominican Republic. But the plan is to celebrate Ashley’s birthday. Robyn planned the trip and everyone was invited, including Wendy’s friend Keirna.

Wendy and Nneka attempt to hash things out.

Nneka and Wendy meet up at a restaurant to get to the root of their issues. Wendy says the biggest issue for her is that Nneka called her mother a witch. Plus, her mother and sister categorically deny every claim Nneka and her cousin made.

Wendy tells Nneka that she understands how seriously the Nigerian culture takes witchcraft accusations. Her false accusations affect everyone, including Wendy’s children. So she questions if Nneka will apologize.

Nneka apologizes for referring to Wendy’s mother as a witch and calling Wendy a *****. But she still believes Wendy’s mother “submitted her name to a shrine” because they were upset another Nigerian woman was joining the cast.

Wendy responds she operates in facts and Nneka operates in hearsay. So this means Nneka doesn’t want peace. Moving forward, they can just be cordial but nothing more. After Wendy leaves the restaurant, Nneka breaks down to a producer. She says Wendy won’t admit what her family did. And she didn’t want an issue.

Gizelle is an emotional mess on the day of Grace’s high school graduation. She can’t believe her firstborn is headed for college.

The ladies arrive in the Dominican Republic for Robyn’s girls’ trip.

Mia, Robyn, and Nneka shop for the upcoming trip. Nneka recaps her conversation with Wendy. Robyn says the apology Nneka gave isn’t enough because Wendy doesn’t want to move forward. And Nneka says she’s fine with this and will just ignore her.

When the ladies make it to the DR, Karen tells an interesting story about Ray. She says earlier in their marriage, Ray went to the Dominican Republic and stayed in a villa. And a woman answered the phone and said he wasn’t there when she called. Ray told her it was the cleaning lady. In a green screen interview, Gizelle says Ray likely cheated and Karen didn’t catch on.

Gizelle unearths her plan to remove Karen’s grand dame title and give it to Nneka instead. She takes out the plastic crown and sash and has a “coronation” ceremony in front of Karen.

Candiace walks away and says she’s not going to witness something so “stupid as ****.”

The episode ends on a cliffhanger with Gizelle being impressed with herself.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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  1. Wendy just does not like Nneka. I don’t really blame her, Nneka said she never heard any of the comments from Wendy’s family herself, only from other people. Nneka said her comments directly to Wendy and her apologies were none sense, when she said, “but “. Giselle is so petty, with Robyn, Ashley and Mia down for it.

  2. Gizelle does not act like she’s in her 50s. She has the maturity level of a high schooler. H-ll, her daughter Grace is more mature. The corny actions of her and Robyn have made this show unwatchable. Sprinkle in Ashley’s tackiness, and this is what we are left with. They give unseasoned and basic everything they do. The show is so cheap and raggedy because of them. 🤢

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