Porsha Guobadia’s Husband Simon Guobadia Denied US Citizenship & Accused of Bank Fraud

Porsha Williams Guobadia RHOA
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Simon Guobadia’s citizenship application was denied by the United States.

Porsha Guobadia’s return to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” may seemingly be marred by her husband’s ongoing citizenship issues. Her husband, Simon Guobadia, recently had a federal court in Atlanta, Georgia deny his petition to overturn the denial of his citizenship application.

Court documents detail the government’s reasoning for denial. This includes a multitude of allegations and charges of bank and credit card fraud. He is even accused of using a fake identity and lying on an application to stay in the United States.

Simon recently filed a petition to the United Government requesting US Citizenship. His case was dismissed on January 11th, 2024.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services requested to have Simon’s petition dismissed by the courts. Unfortunately for Simon, the court granted USCIS their request. The reasons for the dismissal were seemingly shocking.

Simon’s rap sheet includes multiple bank and credit card fraud accusations.

Within court documents, the USCIS lays out why they wanted to deny Simon’s citizenship petition and this includes a multitude of alleged and convicted crimes going back to the 1980s.

First, Simon, a Nigerian citizen, arrived in the US in 1982. Not long after his arrival, he was accused of overstaying his visa and ultimately left in 1985. Then, when he returned, Simon faced more bank and credit card fraud charges. Simon pleaded guilty to these crimes in 1987.

Next, the USCIS also lays out other charges Simon received in the late 80s through 1990s. This includes multiple fraud charges and accusations of using a false identity to obtain temporary residency status as an agricultural employee. They claim Simon used the fake identity to prevent deportation in 1991, as a consequence of his multiple fraud charges.

Despite finding a way to stay under the identity, Simon still wasn’t a citizen. He did attempt to apply for citizenship in 2016. The application was denied because of the false identity, per court records.

Simon filed again in 2020 and 2022, which were denied. Simon then petitioned a federal court in 2023 to overturn USCIS’ denial of his citizenship application. But ultimately, the court sided with the USCIS.

As of now, neither Porsha nor Simon said anything publicly about the citizenship case dismissal. Many RHOA fans are now expecting Simon’s citizenship challenges to be a focal point of Porsha’s return this upcoming season.

To read the full court documents, please click here.


  1. Many of us realized Simon was a scammer and Porsha is his mark not too long into their engagement. The information was never hidden.

  2. Oh my God. That’s what Porsha get for thinking she had a REAL 1. Doing all that bragging and now look. Got married and still damaged

  3. When I read he was from Nigeria 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩💯.
    She better hire some Attorneys because she may get caught up.

    1. That’s an offensive statement! So people should run away from Nigerians? A lot of despicable crimes have been committed by other nationalities including yours but that doesn’t mean the whole country is bad. Just because we are black doesn’t make us bad.

  4. I knew something was off with this man. I dont care how rich folks claimed he was I knew he still wanted the free exposure or something. If you have all these legal troubles why are you all in front of the camera brunging attention to yourself.
    But oh well for her. Instead of reaching out to his wife (or no one) when she heard about the divorce she reached out to him. What woman does that? Regardless if it turns out the wife was innocent or not.

  5. Porsha lacks substance, common sense and self esteem, so she was the perfect target for a scammer. People like her are so pressed to look wealthy that they don’t realize they’re opening up themselves for a lot of embarrassment and problems later. How many people tried to warn Porsha? She was too arrogant to listen. This will not end well. And he’ll do her worse than Kordell when it’s all said and done.

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