LHHATL Recap: Momma Dee and Bambi Clash + Momma Dee Tears Up Bambi’s College Degree

LHHATL Season 11 Episode 23
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Kendra still refuses to speak to Gloria.

Karlie Redd, Bambi, and Amy Luciani meet up to rehearse for their upcoming performance. Amy and Karlie are going to perform the song they recorded together. They open up about their love lives. Bambi confirms she’s been going on dates and she’s enjoying it. Karlie likes Kai but he’s been acting funny lately. So now she’s been thinking about the warning Erica Banks gave her.

Joc celebrates his birthday with a lavish party at the city hall. Kendra is by his side even though she blew up on him about his newest baby momma wanting to meet her. Kendra is still willing to be a great bonus mom to Gianna but she refuses to ever talk to Gloria.

Scrappy learns Bambi served Momma Dee a cease and desist letter.

Momma Dee catches Scrappy up about the cease and desist letter Bambi delivered through Karlie. Scrappy doesn’t like that things have turned into facing off in court. Regardless, Momma Dee has a major birthday coming up. With her 60th birthday approaching, she thinks it’s time to hash things out with Bambi. She feels it’s the only way the family can move forward.

A lot of people come out to celebrate Momma Dee’s birthday. She finds out she has her own appreciation day in Fulton County. While giving a thank you speech, Momma Dee shocks everyone when she thanks Bambi (who is not in attendance). In a green screen interview, Erica Dixon says she thinks it’s a good thing that Momma Dee wants to hash things out with Bambi. She didn’t think she’d ever be in a good space with Momma Dee but they are. So anything is possible for Bambi and Momma Dee.

When Diamond asks Momma Dee what’s up with the olive branch, Momma Dee says she still doesn’t like Bambi. But it’s important she’s at least in a decent space with her grandchildren’s mother.

Mazi reveals he has a daughter.

Amy and Mazi go to the radio station to interview with Yung Joc. They confirm they are back together. But Amy is caught off guard when Mazi says he has a daughter. When they broke up, there were questions about the child’s paternity. But now Mazi says it’s official. He’s a father and he wants to be in his daughter’s life. And he’s hoping that won’t be an issue for Amy.

Yandy is working with Until Freedom in Kentucky to register new voters. She celebrates they were about to sign up 1500 people. When Yandy’s friends congratulate her on considering a run for councilwoman, Mendeecees becomes irritated. He questions why he wasn’t the first to hear of Yandy’s career plans. And he already thinks Yandy spends too much time outside of the home.

Karlie confronts Kai after she discovers text messages he sent other women. He admits he’s been dating other women because he didn’t think their relationship was serious. This upsets Karlie. She thought they were monogamous. Karlie storms off.

A sit-down occurs between Bambi and Momma Dee.

Bambi and Momma Dee have their sit-down. Momma Dee and Bambi can’t agree on the root of their feud. Bambi says Momma Dee lied on her. And she pulls out a copy of her college degree.

Momma Dee says the degree isn’t real and Bambi didn’t graduate from college. She then proceeds to tear it apart. Security has to keep Bambi from putting her hands on her former mother-in-law.

The episode ends with Bambi telling Momma Dee to prepare for court.

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  1. Momma Dee is an actress so with that being said…
    Bambi fell for the okie doke. Momma Dee doesn’t want peace because her entire modis operandi would die. Bambi is her storyline. She has no sense of purpose.
    Momma Dee is an elder and needs to act like one.

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