Saucy Santana Responds to Criticism From LHHATL Fan

Saucy Santana Love and Hip Hop Atlanta
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Zell Swag and Saucy Santana clash on the LHHATL.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Zell Swag and Saucy Santana are opening up about their romance during the latest season. Although Santana said Zell was great at keeping things romantic, they also acknowledged problems within their relationship. Santana takes issue with the people Zell calls friends. This has created tension in their relationship.

The couple argues anytime Zell hangs out with his friend group. Zell also said this is why he doesn’t answer the phone when Santana calls while he’s having a good time. Regardless, Santana says he’s struggling to trust Zell to be faithful when he isn’t answering his phone calls. Zell thinks this is rich coming from Santana when he’s the one who’s cheated.

During the latest episode, Santana and Zell got into a huge argument. At the height of the intense moment, Santana told Zell he was the reason Zell was on LHHATL. Zell then said it’s the other way around. The couple nearly came to blows, too, and security had to restrain them. 

Some “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” fans had plenty to say about Zell and Santana’s heated moment. While some understand why Santana doesn’t trust Zell, others believe Santana treats Zell terribly. They thought it was fishy that Santana refused to be affectionate with Zell on the show.

Santana responded to this perspective on Instagram. 

An Instagram user wrote, “no shade u give off that u really don’t like zell you’re just doing it for TV.”

Santana replied, “Some days I don’t like him! every day I love him tho! U be lovey-dovey w/ yo man every day?! cuz some days Zell used to work my MF nerves! These TV shows require you to “act” sometimes, and that ain’t my bop. I give it to y’all raw. And I don’t like PDA on TV! It shows.”

Saucy Santana Instagram


    1. I agree!!!! Brooke and Marcus should’ve stayed in Hollywood …Yandy and Mendeecees should’ve stayed in NY …. Although those shows were cancelled….. they’re show hopping tryna get that check….I blame Safaree and Ray J

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