LHHATL Fans Speculate Yandy Smith & Mendeecees Harris Broke Up + Yandy Responds

Yandy Smith Mendeecees Harris
Photo Credit: Vh1

Yandy Smith is annoyed by the speculation surrounding her relationship with Mendeecees Harris.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris just wrapped up another controversial season. Yandy decided to give her egg to her cousin Kisha to aid in her motherhood journey. Kisha hasn’t been able to have children. So she decided to go with using a surrogate. Yandy is offering her egg because one of Kisha’s biggest concerns was she didn’t want her child to look like a stranger. When Mendeecees told Yandy that he thought the whole situation was weird and uncomfortable, Yandy was disappointed. However, Mendeecees was disappointed as well. In his opinion, Yandy made the decision without talking to him. And he doesn’t see how the child won’t still biologically be Yandy’s child.

During the season finale, Mendeecees and Yandy had a tough conversation about the state of their relationship. Mendeecees expressed concern for their future. He wasn’t confident that they would be able to stay together. He also didn’t like that Yandy was considering getting into politics without talking things over with him first.

The season ended on the apparent uncertainty of Yandy and Mendeecees’ romance. In response, fans have been keeping a close eye on the couple’s social media accounts. Some have speculated that they aren’t together anymore.

Interestingly enough, Yandy addressed this recently on Instagram.

On a recent post, an Instagram user wrote:

“No rings. What the **** is happening? I hope the rumors aren’t true.”

Yandy responded, “Ain’t nothing true. I did my makeup with my hands and took them off, shot this video, and forgot to put it on before I shot. Why y’all read into everything and assume the worst always? It’s so annoying.”

Another one of Yandy’s supporters wrote, “She waving that no ring hand around a lil too much. Watch a storyline come up.”

Yandy denied all of this, “No storyline, sis. Ring is right here.”


  1. Yandy does everything and anything for a storyline. She’s never moved as a couple with Mendecce, Yandy has always made the decisions and he went along. Seems like Brother is tired of it.

    1. She does not respect him and his feelings she still was going through giving her sister or whoever she really is her eggs so we’re the respect at and her cousin don’t care if they break up or not all she thinking about is herself yandy always move like she single so like everyone say who knows the truth but he don’t look happy

  2. Just because you STILL have your ring doesn’t 💍 mean anything. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next season

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