LAMH Highlights: Nell Says Martell Was Wrong & Denies Ever Being Chris’ Side Chick

Melody Rodgers LAMH highlights
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Nell admits to Melody she was wrong about Martell’s arrest.

Tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” Nell and Melody meet at a park for a chat. Melody wanted to check in with Nell since Nell did not attend Carlos’ podcast event. During their conversation, Nell tells her how she felt regarding Martell getting arrested.

When she tells Melody about her feelings, Melody explains why she sought the warrant. She mentions more details of Martell’s actions, including him marking out his body parts in the screenshot despite Melody knowing where the screenshot came from. She also tells Nell about Martell’s alleged plot to release the video. Melody mentions how Martell sent the video to his paramour, who ended up showing it to her sister.

After Nell hears this explanation, she tells Melody she was wrong for saying Martell shouldn’t been arrested. She explains to Melody that she defended Martell because her son is dealing with his own legal issues. Next, Melody brings up the rumors of Martell calling Nell a side chick. Nell explains this comes from her step-daughter doing an interview where she called her that. She tells Melody that she wasn’t a side chick because she didn’t know Chris was married when they got together. Chris was also going through a divorce.


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We’re introduced to Ken and Latricia.

Meanwhile, Chris and Courtney are looking at a new car purchase. During this trip, Courtney and Stormi speak about getting a surrogate. We’re also introduced to Ken and Latricia. Ken and Latricia are currently dating and hope to marry. Latricia was previously married.

They spend plenty of time in the gym. In fact, Latricia tells Ken that LaTisha wants to hire her as a personal trainer. Ken knows of the other couples and sees Marsau frequently in the gym. Ken isn’t judging anyone on the cast; he feels everyone has skeletons in their closets.

Latricia mentions she sees Martell quite a bit because she currently trains Destiny.


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Melody meets with Kimmi and LaTisha.

In the final set of clips, Melody sits down with Kimmi and LaTisha. During the conversation, Kimmi reveals her mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Her mom is taking well to the treatment.

The podcast event is discussed. Kimmi says Sunni said the crowd was very negative. Melody explains the crowd was negative because of Sunni and Moses. This leads to the women speaking about Destiny and Sunni. While Kimmi and LaTisha bring up Destiny’s feelings about breaking the “girl code,” Melody doesn’t have the same kind of empathy for Destiny.

The clip ends with Melody alluding to the possibility that Destiny did not live up to the “girl code” herself when it came to Martell. She also says Destiny was never her friend.


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