LAMH Highlights: Destiny Confronts Moses

LAMH Season 8 Episode 4 Moses
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Destiny isn’t ready to talk things out with Sunni.

The latest “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” episode focused on Destiny and Moses. Destiny’s fed up with Moses and his new wife, Sunni, and feels betrayed by both. She claims Sunni broke the “girl code” as her former producer.

Firstly, Kimmi and LaTisha recapped their talk with Sunni in the previous episode. LaTisha explained that Kimmi had set up the call, and Kimmi revealed that Sunni was around when the show covered her cancer treatment. Destiny reveals Sunni was let go from the show, and the two stay in communication. There was also an invitation from Sunni’s sister to Sunni’s surprise party in Mexico during this timeframe.

Kimmi suggests to Destiny that she talk to Sunni and that Melody has her back. Despite this, Destiny isn’t ready to speak to either Melody or Sunni, which Kimmi also suggested. Speaking of which, LaTisha’s relationship with Stormi comes up. LaTisha says she’s wary of Stormi but will talk to her again if Destiny talks to Sunni. Despite this, Destiny isn’t budging from her stance.


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Moses then meets with Marsau and Maurice to talk about Destiny. He tells the brothers things didn’t work out with Destiny, and he couldn’t “miss his blessing” with Sunni. Despite this, Maurice tells him he appears to move on too fast. Marsau warns Moses that the fans will take shots at their marriage based on how they got together. He refers to the comments he and LaTisha received from fans, which almost ended his marriage.

Despite the warnings and advice, Moses seems nonchalant regarding how the fans’ comments will affect them. The topic of Destiny comes up next. Despite Moses not feeling he owes Destiny an explanation, he’s willing to sit and talk to her about how things ended.

Lastly, Moses tells the Scotts that Sunni could be pregnant as she’s already on IVF treatments.


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Destiny and Moses sit down to talk things out.

Well, Destiny gets to sit down with Moses and attempt to clarify things. When Destiny arrives at the table, Moses mentions that he’s looking to clarify things so Sunni can stop receiving criticism. Destiny expresses feelings of betrayal from the newlyweds. He stands firm that he and Destiny were over with before he started dating Sunni. However, Destiny feels that if they both were truly good people, they wouldn’t have wronged her by dating in the first place.

Moses says Destiny was a no-show for his birthday. This was the last straw for him and he told Destiny he wanted to move on. He also tells Destiny he got Sunni’s number in July and began dating her in August. This shocks Destiny because she mentions she and Moses talked throughout August until she broke things off via text message.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger as Destiny warns Moses not to mess with her because she is not the one.

What are your thoughts about the episode?


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  1. Who cares about sunni and Moses? Why are they even part of the show. The exercise couple boring as paint drying. The Key Bridge has fallen on this show and not even the coast guard can save it. Episode 3 and this is what you got. The magic is over. The cast is struggling to make a story line and moaning Montel is pathetic to watch. When is Love and Marriage Detroit coming…..? I just can’t do another Saturday night of this garbage.

    1. It’s absolutely stupid that they made the Sunni/Moses thing a storyline. No way they slice it, it’s bonkers for any woman to call herself confronting/checking a man about who he married. Women like Destiny are full of themselves and so entitled that they take rejection from a man personally. The storyline that would make more sense is Destiny finally being honest about why her husband left her right after she gave birth. Something went really wrong and she won’t come clean about it. Like why is she stealing that man’s identity? Discuss that stuff because it’s more interesting.

      1. Thank you because what is Destiny being mad and setting up all these scenes supposed to do anyway? Make Moses divorce Sunny and marry her? Destiny needs to grow up. She looks silly.

  2. I think Moses is wrong Destiny is truly hurt but needs to move on for her sanity I wouldn’t talk to Sunnie It might get physical

  3. I just can’t get with this storyline with Destiny…Moses and Sunni… I’m literally thinking this just for the show….To gain more ratings with all the mess and foolishness they have going on…

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