LAMH Highlights: Sunni Goes in on Destiny + Melody Opens Up About Her Dating Life

Melody Season 8 LAMH
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Destiny and Moses continue their discussion.

The latest “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” continues with the conversation between Destiny and Moses. Moses still stands firm on why he ended things with Destiny. While Destiny says she traveled to St. Louis every other weekend for eight months, Moses mentions she stopped seeing him in January.

Destiny claims that Moses wasn’t taking care of her. Moses says he was paying for Destiny’s flights. Destiny alleges Moses named his business after the name she wanted to use for a child they wanted to have. In her green screen interview, she says Moses stopped being the man she expected him to be. She then mentions to him that instead of doing that, Moses “stabbed her in her back.”

During the conversation, it was mentioned that Moses also did not want to deal with the issues Destiny is currently facing.

“You told me the weight of the things in my life were too heavy to carry. So you found someone in your weight class.”

Eventually, both stand firm in their beliefs on how things ended. Moses leaves at the end, and as he walks away, Destiny mentions that he has been trying to get her pregnant “since day one.”


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Melody explains why she’s not dating anyone.

Next, LaTisha talks to Latricia about who she knows in the group. Latricia tells LaTisha she knows Martell because she went to high school in Huntsville with his brother. Martell also knows her current husband. It comes up that Latricia is in a stalled divorce. Apparently, Latricia doesn’t talk to him and this raises LaTisha’s eyebrows.

It also comes up Latricia’s related to Nell. LaTisha uses this as a moment to throw shade at Nell’s age. When Latricia confirms being close to Courtney and Stormi, LaTisha jokes about finding another trainer. In her green screen, LaTisha says she doesn’t care about Latricia being close to Stormi as long as the training goes well.

Meanwhile, Melody’s at a beauty event with her friends. They talk about Melody’s current dating prospects. One friend, Chanita, has been hooking her up with men and Melody doesn’t like any of the men. Melody explains she’s still healing from her divorce. Due to Martell’s actions, it’s a long process to heal.

She uses an example of Martell allegedly stalking her at a restaurant where she was on a date. The women agree with Melody. Later on, Chanita asks if Martell’s antics are a reason why she is slow to grow close to another man and date. Melody agrees, and it comes up that a few of Mel’s married friends need to “pick a side” now that things have turned into a serious legal battle. This means they’ll have to decide if they’re going to back Melody or back Martell.


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Martell makes things for Latricia and Sunni takes more shots at Destiny.

Later on, Martell stops by Stormi’s house when Latricia is with her. Martell introduces himself to Latricia as a stranger and frustrates her. He eventually realizes he knows Latricia and says she looks different from the last time he saw her.

Stormi then asks Martell to be a model during an event showcasing her new Canvas Beauty body glaze. Martell says he needs to get in the gym. Despite this, Martell agrees to be a model. When Martell leaves, Stormi wants to know what’s really going on. Latricia says she saw Martell out in Huntsville shopping a few months ago and he was acting like he knew her at that time.

The next day, Moses talks to his wife Sunni about his talk with Destiny. Sunni first asks how Destiny was dressed. Moses then tells Sunni how Destiny felt they both stabbed her in the back. Sunni pushes back. She says people overuse the friend word and she only did her job in learning Destiny’s life, getting her to open up as a producer.

Sunni then calls Destiny “the side chick” saying Destiny was being put in hotels and flown back home every weekend. She also mentions that Destiny was looking for Moses to come and “save her.”

Lastly, Latricia sits down with Ken to talk about LaTisha’s training and what happened with Martell. Ken is shocked at how Martell reacted and this makes Ken wonder if something else happened between them. He says it makes it seem like she messed around with Martell.

Next, Ken mentions he was looking at engagement rings but didn’t buy one. He says he won’t propose until Latricia finalizes her divorce. However, Latricia mentions she hasn’t spoken with her estranged husband. That makes Ken wonder if either one of them is holding onto something with their marriage.

Latricia says it’s scary, and the episode ends here.

What are your thoughts about the episode?


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  1. Sunni needs to go away and take Moses with her. You’re more concerned about how Destiny looked than how she felt. What’s good for Goose is good for the Gander!

    Your turn awaits you.

      Thank you she told on herself when she asked Moses what she was wearing. Yes, Destiny has her ways;however he is an opportunist and was looking for the first sugar mama that would take care of him. I hope Sunni don’t think just because he put that ring on her finger, that he will let all the other women go. Also, Sunni used what Destiny told her in confidence to go after Moses. She probably brought her own ring, she just buying his affection and they know they’re gutter trash and really have no purpose on the show. She was let go for not doing her job correctly because if she did Destiny would have been on the show last season. Sunni took the opportunity to marry Moses and used her marriage to get the show however if they live in St. Louis why are they here on this show with no purpose. And if the marriage wasn’t shady then why you keep explaining and bashing to prove yourself as if you’re right. My elders always told me that it’s only Three people in your marriage and whom you speak about your marriage with, that’s me,my spouse and most importantly GOD! SUNNI AND MOSES ARE BASHING ON THE RADIO, PODCASTS AND TV TO MAKE THEIR –IT, SMELL LIKE FRESH CUT LEMONS, HOWEVER THAT LEMON IS SOUR & WITH A BITTER TASTE! Just STFU and go back to St.Louis with that bullcrap looking like Mona Lisa.
      Also, a man supports his women through it all, Destiny you dodged a bullet. Thanks for choosing yourself. A snake sheds their skin, but they’re still a snake at end of the day.#Facts

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