‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Recap: Tariq & Brayden Make Tough Decisions Amid War Against Noma

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Angela’s nephew wants to take down Tariq.

Tariq and Brayden get away unscathed. Cane isn’t so lucky and was shot in the arm. Noma says she will send a medic to his penthouse. She also tells Effie to see after Cane but to look for Tariq once he’s on the mend. As far as Noma is concerned, Tariq knows too much about her personal life to stay alive.

Meanwhile, Brayden asks Tariq what their next plan is now that they are officially at war with nowhere to go. Tariq has eyes on Anya, Noma’s daughter. He calls Pinky who is watching Anya be escorted to a vehicle from his car. Pinky tells Tariq he needs to be on his way to Anya’s location before she leaves.

Agent Young tries to talk Blanca into not giving up on taking down Tariq. He says Saxe’s jump drive showed Tate and Tariq secured green cards for Obi. So they know there’s funny business going on.

Blanca disagrees and tells Young to let it go.

Noma places bounties on Tariq and Brayden.

Diana is feeling guilty about setting up all the chaos. However, Dru still believes Monet deserved her hospital stay. Since Tariq will eventually figure out they set him up to kill Monet, they now have to kill him. Dru proposes they kidnap Brayden’s sister Becca to accomplish this.

Tariq and Brayden take out multiple of Noma’s men but they aren’t able to kidnap Anya. Noma puts out a $100,000 bounty on each.

Cane elects not to go to the penthouse to be seen by a medic. He goes to Brayden’s house and beats up his brother instead. Effie walks in while Cane demands to know Brayden’s whereabouts. Brayden’s dad doesn’t know and confirms they know nothing of Brayden’s life anymore. Effie convinces Cane that they need to leave.

Dru calls Brayden to say he kidnapped Becca. He wants to meet. Tariq warns it’s likely a setup. But Brayden speeds off anyway. Tariq calls Maclean for help but unfortunately learns that Maclean can’t help any clients because he’s being investigated by the bar.

Tariq saves the day.

Becca begins to feel suspicious while riding alone in the car with Dru. Diana left to see Monet in the hospital. So Becca attempts to call Brayden but Dru tries to snatch her phone away. Becca flees after spraying Dru in the face with pepper spray. Brayden arrives and Tariq saves them by crashing into Dru’s car before he begins shooting at them. Brayden, Becca, and Tariq get away.

Noma and Obi break into Maclean’s place to talk him into giving up Tariq’s location. Maclean keeps a gun pointed at Noma and refuses to flip on his clients.

Brayden returns home with Becca but his dad banishes him from the family. After his father refers to Cane and Effie as “jungle monkeys,” Brayden calls him racist. And he’s okay with being exiled.

When Brayden returns to the car, he tells Tariq he’s the only family he has left.

Maclean calls Tariq to urge them to leave town due to the $100,000 bounties Noma placed on both of them. And he wants Tariq to contact him when he’s safe.

Tariq and Brayden agree that they will do whatever it takes to stay alive and get out of the game once and for all.

Angela’s nephew confronts Tariq.

Doctors were able to remove all of the bullets from Monet. However, she remains in a coma. Diana calls Dru to give him an update. But he insists she smothers Monet with a pillow if she recovers since Tariq told him that he’ll make sure Monet finds out what they did.

Brayden and Tariq go to the university to pick up the last little bit of cash they have left. Cane alerts Noma and she sends people to the campus to take them out. Effie warns Tariq via text message.

Angela’s nephew, Agent Young is there asking around about Tariq. When he finds Tariq, he introduces himself as Angela’s nephew. Tariq isn’t impressed. Minutes later, a shootout occurs when one of Noma’s men starts shooting at Brayden and Tariq.

Noma’s man is killed by Young. Tariq takes the dead man’s gun and points it at Young. Brayden follows suit. Tariq then calls Noma to tell her he wants a truce. He explains Young has Saxe’s jump drive and what’s on there will send her to prison. Tariq is willing to take out Young for peace. Noma reluctantly agrees after Tariq confirms he will no longer sell drugs if the truce is accepted. Tariq kills Young.

Another detective is ready to take on Tariq.

Now the plan is to tell police that Tariq and Brayden witnessed the shootout between Young and Noma’s man. After Young was killed, Tariq took the federal agent’s gun to defend himself against Noma’s shooter.

Brayden calls campus police to say someone had a gun on campus and there was a shootout.

Tariq and Brayden give their accounts to the police when they arrive on campus. Cane watches angrily from a distance since Noma commanded them to stand down.

Monet wakes up from her coma surrounded by her children. She wants to know who shot her. Cane says they aren’t sure. Monet wants this answer immediately.

The episode ends with Paz telling Detective Don Carter her son was killed while investigating Tariq. She doesn’t believe the school shooting story she was told. Carter consoles her and promises to get justice.

What are your thoughts on the season premiere?

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