LAMH Highlights: LaTisha Clashes with Stormi and Nell at Nell’s Birthday Party

LaTisha Scott LAMH 2024
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LaTricia tells Ken she intends to divorce her ex and marry him.

Ken and LaTricia continue their awkward conversation about her divorce delay on the latest “Love and Marriage Huntsville.” Despite LaTricia’s fear, she tells Ken she intends to marry him. It’s revealed that LaTricia’s estranged husband “dropped the ball” in supporting her when both of her parents passed away. But Ken expresses concerns about LaTricia going back to her husband. Despite being scared of it all, LaTricia empathizes she won’t do that and wants to be with Ken forever. She then tells Ken she sees the divorce occurring in the next few months.

Overall, LaTricia and Ken had a breakthrough in this process, and LaTricia is motivated to officially end things with her ex.

Kimmi shades Marsau’s constant project delays and slowness.

Meanwhile, the Scott brothers and their wives, Kimmi and LaTisha, meet to discuss business. Kimmi and Maurice are seeking a contractor for a building project they want done. They’ve hired LaTisha and Marsau in the past for other projects, and Kimmi expresses concerns that Marsau moved too slowly. LaTisha and Marsau stand behind their work. Maurice says they’re going to allow them to put in a bid on the project, however, he lets it be known Kimmi’s going to be hard on them.

Marsau replies that not only is he okay with it, but he’s confident he’ll win the bid and is more than happy to sign the contract and meet Kimmi’s standard.

In her green screen, Kimmi says she’s hopeful Marsau can get the business. However, she lists projects that are still unfinished, including LaTisha’s office and Scott Manor.


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The Scotts discuss Stormi.

Later, much of the cast is on the way to Nell’s birthday party. LaTricia and Stormi are riding with Courtney and Ken in one Sprinter van. The Scotts and their wives are in the other sprinter. LaTisha and Marsau express frustrations that Stormi texted them asking, “What’s good?” Marsau calls it weird considering how the reunion went down. Meanwhile, Courtney says he doesn’t like Marsau or Maurice. He mentions how Maurice didn’t come off as supportive of Kimmi during her cancer treatment. Courtney confirms he only likes Martell and Chris.

LaTricia and Stormi also talk about LaTisha and Nell. LaTricia tells Stormi how LaTisha described her and Nell. LaTisha feels the ladies are not authentic. Stormi doesn’t see herself as fake.

Later, at the event, Melody arrives solo with gifts and sunglasses. LaTisha immediately approaches Mel, joking about Melody not taking her sunglasses off. She also tries to speak to Marsau about things he said about her legal issues with Martell. However, Melody decides to brush her off.


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LaTisha gets into it with Stormi and irritates Nell at Nell’s birthday party.

As the event continues, Nell and the ladies talk to LaTricia. The ladies are shocked when LaTricia reveals she’s dating Ken but is currently married to her estranged husband. It turns out LaTricia and her husband have been separated for five years, and the divorce paperwork hasn’t been filed.

Meanwhile, Courtney and Maurice debate about LaTricia’s situation. Courtney says it’s on LaTricia because the husband doesn’t want to divorce. However, Maurice says she could’ve gotten out of it within five years if she wanted to.

Lastly, LaTisha and Nell have a back-and-forth at the event when LaTisha says Nell is feisty. Kimmi says LaTisha is “too turnt” with the liquor. Nell’s frustrated with LaTisha and the things she’s saying. Meanwhile, Stormi speaks up, and LaTisha ends up having a back-and-forth with her. LaTisha says Stormi didn’t say friendly things at the reunion, and her sending an invitation was weird. Stormi replies, asking what she meant when she said, “Go pop some pills.”

LaTisha refuses to back down from the accusation.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger.

What are your thoughts about the episode?


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  1. Latisha’s drunk behavior was the only interesting thing I see in these clips. This show is so boring now.

  2. I’m not sure what Ken and Latricia are supposed to bring to the show, because all I see is dry and very boring conversation from them. Latricia acts like she is afraid to open her mouth and speak. What a fantastic addition to an already dying show.

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