LAMH Highlights: Marsau Calls Out LaTisha + Melody’s Furious with Marsau

LAMH Season 8 Episode 15
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The back and forths continue at Nell’s birthday party.

The latest “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” continues with LaTisha and Stormi’s back and forth at Nell’s birthday party, and Nell is fed up. Nell shuts things down before things escalate between LaTisha and Stormi. Nell confronts LaTisha and says she’s been aggressive, confronting everyone. But LaTisha doesn’t back down. This leads to everyone else walking away, allowing the two ladies to have a one-on-one. Chris and Maurice look on as their one-on-one becomes an argument.

LaTisha didn’t like Nell calling her crazy. She’s “not with the bulls***” anymore. Nell apologizes for calling her crazy but feels blindsided by LaTisha’s energy at her party.

Chris and Marsau talk to Courtney and Stormi as they continue their talk. Marsau brings up the invitation to Stormi’s event and how he and LaTisha felt it was weird to receive it. This is after LaTisha had very harsh words for Stormi at the reunion. But Courtney jumps in and says Stormi has no issue with LaTisha, asking how all of them can move forward.

Lastly, LaTisha expresses her displeasure with Nell’s reference to her as a mentee. Nell is also blindsided by this once more. Luckily, the two are able to hug things out.


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Marsau claims LaTisha doesn’t hold herself accountable for her actions.

In another scene, LaTisha and Marsau are talking at their home. They mention they invited Melody to speak at their second Blaque Business Expo. Unfortunately, Melody couldn’t make it. Marsau says it’s because of a prior engagement she had, and it wasn’t because of things he said regarding Melody and Martell’s legal issues. But he does acknowledge he did speak to their local news station about Martell’s DV charges.

During their talk, Marsau mentions that everyone who spoke negatively about them had bad things happen to them. This leads to them recapping LaTisha’s behavior at Nell’s birthday party and LaTisha’s accountability. LaTisha doesn’t like Marsau publicly calling her out about her behavior. At the party, Marsau wasn’t fully on board with LaTisha’s actions, saying she was getting “down in the gutter” with the other women. Their conversation sours when he says LaTisha doesn’t hold herself accountable often.

Their conversation ends without a resolution.

Meanwhile, Stormi and Melody hang out. They discuss what happened at Carlos’ podcast taping and Nell’s party. Melody appreciated Stormi’s demeanor when she invited LaTisha and Marsau to the event. Stormi says she invited LaTisha and Marsau to serve as olive branches. But if they won’t accept, she’s not going to lose sleep.

Speaking of Stormi’s upcoming event, in an effort not to blindside Melody, Stormi mentions to Melody that Martell was asked to be a model. An appreciative Melody informs Stormi that she won’t attend since Martell will be there.

Speaking of Martell, he’s in the gym with Latricia. During their workout, they talk about Marsau. Latricia says she met Marsau back when he was working with her ex. Martell uses this moment to allege that Marsau used to allow women to throw parties at his venue for free, alluding to Marsau getting some fringe benefit from them.

Latricia feels Martell is being an “a**hole” in the moment and feels what he’s saying isn’t cool.

Later, Latricia asks why he wasn’t at Nell’s party, and he says because he wasn’t invited. Speaking of Nell, Martell calls Nell a side chick again when Latricia speaks of how Nell grilled her about her separation. Martell also says Ken was the side dude.

In the end, Latricia says this is probably the last time she’s working out with Martell.


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Melody is furious to see Marsau admit to saying, “Free Martell.”

The episode ends with a sit-down between Marsau and Melody. Here, Melody speaks to Marsau about Marsau’s statement to the news about the ongoing legal issues between her and Martell. She wanted to know why he felt the need to make a statement at all. Marsau mentions how the news station reached out because they thought he was the one arrested. But Melody says Marsau could’ve said nothing, mentioning how multiple outlets contacted her about his and LaTisha’s legal issues. But she never gave them a statement.

Melody points out that she takes issue with Marsau sending a text message to his “close friend” in the media, saying, “Free Martell.” Melody gets angry seeing that and goes off on Marsau, replying, “Free Tisha!”

The episode ends on a cliffhanger.

What are your thoughts about the episode?


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