The Men of LAMH Try to Get to the Bottom of Martell Holt’s Weird Tension with Latricia Reedus

Martell Holt LAMH Season 8
Photo Credit: OWN

Martell Holt explains why he didn’t recognize Latricia Reedus.

In a scene in the upcoming “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” episode, Martell Holt explains to Latricia Reedus’ boyfriend Ken Lee his side of the story regarding why she was frustrated with Martell not recognizing her.

Martell’s at a bowling alley with Chris Fletcher, Courtney Beasley, and Ken. As Courtney bowls, he tells Martell he needs to stop talking to so many women. After some laughter from everyone, Chris turns the conversation to Latricia.

Chris is confused as to why Latricia would be mad when Martell said he didn’t know her during an earlier episode. Ken speaks up, saying Latricia felt played by Martell. This confuses Martell even more. Chris then jokingly tells Martell that he must stop making women mad.

Ken then explains that Latricia felt Martell allowed people to insinuate she messed around with Martell, something she denied.

Martell alludes to the fact that he’s met a lot of women, which explains why he didn’t initially recognize Latricia. Ken and the others agree with Martell. Courtney then jumps in, saying Martell isn’t telling the whole story. At this point, Martell insists that since he didn’t “do anything” with Latricia, it makes sense why he didn’t remember her.

The clip ends with Ken agreeing with Martell.

Martell had an awkward scene with Latricia and Stormi Steele earlier in the season. Martell introduced himself to Latricia. Latricia got mad when he did this because Martell didn’t recognize her. Martell eventually recalled meeting her in the past, remembering she was classmates with his brother, Montez.


  1. Martell knows that girl. It’s more to it, that’s why she got mad. They mess around before, back in the days…. Trust!! How he know she still marry…. They family knows each other too..

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