‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Jackie’s Ponderosa Flops + The Others Wash Their Hands of Jackie


BBWLA Season 11 Episode 14
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In the latest episode of “Basketball Wives,” Jackie finds out she is alone on an island. Evelyn, Shaunie, and Brooke are done with her for different reasons. However, all agree that Jackie has been “two-faced.” So her ponderosa goes left quickly. Here’s a recap for, “A Liar’s Gonna Lie.”

Brooke and Evelyn have had enough of Jackie.

Evelyn is more focused on business now than ever after her engagement fell apart. She’s happy to have an assistant keep it all together.

Brooke calls Jennifer to tell her she filed her final document of divorce paperwork. It’s time to live her life to the fullest.

Jac’Eil and her WNBA player boo Natasha are inching closer to their wedding. When Evelyn and Jac’Eil catch up at the gym, they discuss Jackie. Evelyn accuses Jackie of being two-faced and insecure. She believes Jackie has been talking behind everyone’s backs and disturbing the peace.

When Jennifer and Jackie meet up, Jennifer says she wants to invite Jackie to her wedding. But she refuses to extend the invitation if Jackie isn’t getting along with the other women in the group. Jackie blames the drama on Evelyn and Brooke’s alleged lies. However, she will still invite them to her upcoming ponderosa so they can hash things out. Brooke declines the invitation because she’s furious about Jackie saying she was forced to do a scene in which she apologized to Brooke for not being there enough after her daughter passed.

The ponderosa is a failure.

Brandi is back. She’s in a better mental space now that her son’s heart surgery was a success. He was given a new heart and he’s doing much better.

When Brandi grabs a bite to eat with Jennifer and Brooke, they talk about Jackie. Brandi alleges that she was on a three-way phone call with Jackie. And she was bad-mouthing Evelyn and Shaunie because she was left off a promotional billboard for the show.

Jackie hosts her ponderosa. Evelyn, Brandi, Jennifer, and Jac’Eil attend with one of Jackie’s girlfriends there to be a moderator.

Brandi tells her side of things and once again claims she heard Jackie bash Evelyn and Shaunie over the phone. Although Jackie denies this, Evelyn believes Jackie is lying. She walks off. Brandi leaves. When Jennifer attempts to intervene, Jackie says the group is being fake and trying to ice her out like they tried to do Jennifer years ago. This angers Jennifer and she storms off as well. In a green screen interview, Jennifer accuses Jackie of deflecting. At this point, Jennifer will not be inviting Jackie to her Paris wedding.

Jackie and Jac’Eli are the only two left at the table. Jac’Eil tells Jackie that she’s deflecting and behaving in a way that makes her want to side with Evelyn. She leaves angrily when Jackie dismisses her.

The episode ends with Jackie insinuating that the others are trying to push her out of the group.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


  1. Why is Shaunie being brought up when she’s not here to defend herself? Who has “receipts” that this has even happened? Everyone knows that there are 3 SIDES to every story. How will we know what’s what

    1. Jackie has always been trouble from day one and think that she top dog to be honest Jackie is Jealous of some of these ladies I’m glad that she won’t be invited to Jenniferwedding

      1. Girl bye. Jackie has no reason to envy any of those broads. She actually has a wealthy and gainfully employed husband who loves her. Evelyn and Brooke need to stop projecting. The jealous girlies are the single ones who have never been in successful relationships.

  2. Evelyn comes around and there is alwaysssss division within the group of women. Everyyyyy time she is on the show. The ladies want to be her friend so bad for aesthetics they kiss her arse and side with her. A bunch of grannies acting like high schoolers

  3. Miss Troll, I agreed with you they are doing the same thing. Shaunie 1st Lady (??????????), I’m curious to see how the church feels about her she allowed herself to get caught up in Evelyn, Jennifer, & Brooke messed 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽.
    One thing for sure these LADIES very HORRIBLE.
    I’m convinced they need the money 💰💰💰💰.

    Evelyn, she’s the Wicked One How To Get A Man With Money: Basketball, Football, Baseball what’s next Soccer ⚽️ watch out for Evelyn ATHLETES she’s on the prowl. She has shown her daughter how to pickup Wealth Men according to facebook, instagram etc.
    Bottom Line: This show should be canceled point blank.

    Horrible Horrible

  4. These women are horrible and really make Women of Color look bad. It is time for this show to be cancelled point blank period. We have enough going on in the world without these old women to be acting like this. Every season all they do is argue. Jackie is 60 and should not be acting like the way she does. Is she going to be doing the same thing when she’s 70. Please, please cancel this show.

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