KeKe Jabbar’s Uncle Blames LAMH & Cast for Her Tragic Passing

Keke Jabbar LAMH
Photo Credit: OWN

Some of KeKe Jabbar’s family members want LAMH cast members to stop speaking about her passing.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans and cast members are in shock at the passing of KeKe Jabbar. Many immediately thought about how LaTisha Scott could be handling the situation considering the nasty fallout with her cousin took place on and off the show. LaTisha didn’t like that KeKe accused Marsau Scott of being unfaithful. Marsau didn’t appreciate this either. So things became pretty testy. At the height of the feud, KeKe threw a drink at LaTisha. In response, LaTisha said she had no interest in ever fixing things with KeKe. She felt violated by what transpired. Marsau accused KeKe of relapsing.

Regardless of how contentious things became, LaTisha took to social media to express sadness over KeKe’s death. She also expressed regret that they didn’t repair things before KeKe died.

Well, KeKe’s uncle wants LaTisha, Miss Wanda, and Marsau to stop speaking about KeKe. He didn’t hold back on Facebook Live.

Ellis Dawson said, “I’m saying it publicly so it can get to Wanda…it can get to her daughter and sorry *** son-in-law. It can get to all those people on that show. The way that y’all treated her in life…y’all got her down there to Texas and you alienated her. And my folks had to spend hours and hours and hours on the phone to reassure her, try to build her confidence. Our entire life for months has been circled around her mental stability. And you guys did everything possible to push her over the edge.“

He continued, “So I’m asking you ’cause we don’t want any problems. We peaceful people, we don’t want no problems, we don’t want issues. Do not attend any service for my niece. Keep her name out your mouth. Stop going to these bloggers feeding them information about what’s going on because you don’t know what’s going on. You have no clue ’cause you’re not inside the room. So you have no right whatsoever to put out any information about KeKe’s whatsoever.”

Ellis believes bloggers were used to harm KeKe.

“I want y’all to tell Wanda, her sorry *** son-in-law, her ******** *** daughter, stay away from my family. Keep KeKe’s name out of your mouth. Keep the same energy you showed her when she was alive. You don’t love her. You never loved her so don’t even post that because if you loved her, there’s no way possible that you could make up lies about her and her family. And tell bits and pieces about her life that she privately told family that you fed it to bloggers so they could ridicule her, cause her to have haters, cause people to disrespect her. That’s what you did.”

In his opinion, LAMH and certain people contributed heavily to KeKe’s death.

“And you pushed her, you pushed her to this. So we blame you, absolutely, we blame you. She would be here if it wasn’t for that stupid *** show. So like I said Wanda, your sorry *** daughter, and that fake *** son-in-law of yours, and all you sorry ************* that’s a part of that show, please…I’m asking you from a place of love…from a place of love I’m asking you to leave KeKe in peace without your presence.”

Check out the clip below.


    1. It’s an awful show. Please end it. The cast has used the platform of the show to begin and promote their individual businesses, so please go on and leave television and tend to your businesses.

      1. This! I want this show canceled now! It’s destructive to all involved (cast, crew, network, community, fans).

  1. He’s talking as if she took herself out….the whole situation is sad…but ALL parties played a part in this…including KeKe…sorry….but…..everyone is to blame…every……last…….one…it just played out on tv….but family don’t just fall out just because…and they both…Tisha and KeKe dogged each other out…KeKe threw that drink in Tisha’s face….Tisha talked about her addiction…..they both played a part…ijs

    1. That’s exactly what I said. Seems like it may not have been an accident. The death itself is already sad, but to unalive oneself because of things transpired from a show is even sadder.

    1. It’s A sad situation but you can’t blame anyone for Keke’s death,she was a willing participant and I believe that the money offered to be on the show was very good.I believe that mental health played a major part in her demise.Latica or no one else is to blame she definitely seemed as though she could handle herself on the show.Rest in peace.

    2. That’s exactly what he’s saying and if it’s true the show needs to end! This show isn’t good for any of them!

  2. They should let her rest in peace. They did do her wrong. Lstisha didnt want Keke to get any of the spot light. Yes Keke had issues but that crew I agree with the uncle Wanda, your sorry *** daughter, and that fake *** son-in-law of yours, and all you sorry ************* that’s a part of that show played a part in this.

  3. I liked Keke but her actions aren’t deleted because she passed. She did her share of wrong too and that is why her relationship with Latisha went bad. Tisha was rightfully upset about a drink being thrown in her face. That’s assault. She was mad when she said she was through with Keke. Family will fight. It’s inevitable. It doesn’t mean they don’t still love each other.

    1. I agree. It’s so sad that Ke Ke passed. But, Ke Ke wasn’t innocent on the show. She constantly talked about Latisha, threatened to expose family information, and she assaulted her cousin. She was brought on as a family member and immediately turned on family. OAN, she wasn’t invited to Houston and went there with an ulterior motive.
      I’m definitely praying for her children and husband, the ones who have the greatest lost.

      RIP Ke Ke 😪

      1. Don’t know if u saw the episode where Nell Fletcher admitted that She invited KeKe on the Houston trip.

  4. Black people like to infantilize the deceased sometimes. But they will dog you out while you’re living. I mean they laughed at KeKe’s addiction while she was alive and now everyone is out for blood to blame someone for KeKe’s death. Yeah stop it with the fakeness. Using a deceased person to drag a living person you dislike is foul to me. It’s unfortunate what happened with KeKe but she was not innocent. Everything her uncle said that was done to her she did to her cousin and others. Prayers for the family but this show needs to end.

  5. They wanted nothing to do with her so I agree with her uncle that they need to stay away and keep her name out of their mouths. Stop posting on social media your love for her and prayers. If it was truly meant you would have done it while she was alive, Latisha what a phony you are. You told her to stay out of your life. Now she gone. Her family has asked that you all stay away from her services.

  6. Yeah I’m so glad I checked out of this evil a-s show. I’ll never watch it again at this rate. All the arrests, lawsuits, childish beefs and now a death. Watching this mess isn’t good for your mental health so being on the show has to be worse. These people need to save themselves and quit before the stress kills someone else. Fame ain’t worth it.

    1. Look at the show now and the same thing has the potential to be repeated between 3 cast members. It needs to go OFF THE AIR👑💜🙏🏾👈🏾

  7. I totally agree! His comments were awful! KeKe chose to be on the show. No one made her! She knew that she needed a storyline, and she chose to pick on Tisha! She said and did hateful things to Tisha to instigate the situation! Yes, they hurt each other, but that’s reality TV. The uncle is wrong to degrade his family like that in the news! He sounds like he’s on drugs himself! I do like anything that he’s saying! The entire family needs counseling, and he needs to go to rehab! May God be with them to learn to love each other and allow Keke to rest in peace!

  8. Since Wanda and Tisha were not on speaking terms with KeKe I agree, how much would Wanda and Tisha know what happened? I agree that they should have kept their mouth closed, either way. Tisha lied she said she never would be friends with Keke again. So she could have left that little post off about feeling like they would be friends again. Don’t ever let your husband down your family… tell him that is my family, I can say what I want about my family but my husband does not have any right to talk negative about them. Tisha should have shut him down early..Stormi really tried to help her and be friends with her. She is gone and whatever happened is now irrevelant..RIP Keke…I pray for her children, husband and mother especially,,,

  9. I get that her uncle is speaking from a place of hurt but he really needs to understand that Keke was wrong too. If they never told her that while she was alive, they enabled her the same way Wanda enabled LaTisha. The whole family seems to suffer from accountability issues.

  10. The uncle can’t blame anyone for the death of KeKe. She was a grown woman who made grown woman decision to be on the show. If this was affecting her mental health, she should have said something to producer’s and left the show. No one made her film, letting the world inside her family life. For the love of money is the root of all evil! She did the show for the money and fame. If Tisha didn’t want to be told by her cousin that her husband was cheating, she should have left it alone and let her find out on her own. Everyone that watches the show could see it from his behavior, that’s why he didn’t like KeKe. He knew she knew about him. If he was smart he would have played nice. Sorry things ended this way with KeKe, but she played a part in every episode she was featured in.

    1. This is the realest comment of them all🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️if it was messing with her mentally she should have stopped film it ng until she got some help🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  11. I didnt care for KeKes actions, she pushed herself onto that show. Do you see how Tiffany left for the sake of her mental health 🤷‍♀️she could’ve easily done the same so her uncles actions are uncalled for! I’ve learned when people are hurting they need someone to blame and I feel that is what he is doing. I feel bad for KeKes husband and children it’s a very sad situation may she rip! Let this be a lesson to people if you are dealing with personal issues don’t go to a tv show, seek professional private help.

  12. Chile…everybody needs to let KeKe rest in peace. If they make her death the main storyline next season, OWN is more trash than I thought.

  13. Wow a Good word Uncle. James Cleveland said what good is a bed full of Roses when I’m Dead. Those flowers she cannot smell, that hug she will never feel and those Fake I Love you’s she will never hear.
    If you did not Love me In Life do not show up when I am Dead.

  14. It isn’t the time to be judgy. Like the uncle said, “You weren’t in the room”… so let Keke rest in peace. And pray for the family. This is real life.

  15. Rest in Peace Keke the mother, daughter, college professor and so much more. You will be sorely missed.

  16. IMO the only people I feel should be making statements right now are her husband and parents. Everyone else is making KeKe’s death about themselves and the biases they had before she died.

  17. All need to forgive themselves and each other like never before. You all need to pray for healing. No one knew things would end this way. The Lord is always available. RIP KeKe.

  18. Well everyone is so so pissed off at Tisha for what doing what all family members do by having disagreements don’t mean that she didn’t love her cousin she is hurting enough already so my heart goes out to her and KeKe family a disagreement doesn’t mean that she hated her cousin and we are all entitled to our opinions just like Tisha is and that doesn’t mean that she should be hated for it

  19. I stop watching the show when her cousin did and said about Keke I didn’t like it at all she was so wrong for that.

  20. If anybody is to be blamed for Keke’s death, put the blame on Ms. Wanda & Keke’s Father; who I remember her say in a earlier episode was is her mother’s brother and, Ms. Wanda and her Father/Parents was always “Comparing & Pitting” her & Latisha against each other when they were growing-up! And I guess you can also put the blame on Carlos King; who’s the Creator & Producer of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville”, for both Allowing & Using some of the things that Keke was through in her life to be a part of the show. And as for her Uncle, if this is the one that they showed in a couple of earlier episodes of “LAMH” well, we all can see & know he’s hurting, griefing, and looking to put the blame of Keke’s death on his other Niece Lateisha + the other cast member of the show because of how things were and went on between them while she was alive & apart, cast member, and willing participate in “All” the drama that was a part of the reality show “Love & Marriage: Huntsville!”

  21. Suicide if that was the case involves imbalance both mentally and emotionally The only person responsible for that is the individual. KeKe showed signs of personal troubles and struggles unrelated to the show. That being said where was her husband when all of this was going on? The show is purely for entertainment and is a vessel for these affluent business people to advance themselves and their businesses. I enjoy the show. Mr. King is doing a great job. The issues presented on the show are quite relatable. People are people with or without wealth. Bravo love and Marriage!

  22. Keke is resting in peace.
    Her Husband and Mother and other family members need to RIP. When a love one allegedly commits suicide 💔 you feel a great deal of guilt for not seeing the signs. I pray they do get counseling. The cast and producer is not responsible. Reality TV is entertaining you agree to allow everyone into a part of your life. Unfortunately her part was having a drug addiction. Her story probably has and will help someone. Our community is always in denial and we accept malfunctioning as if it’s normal and don’t get the help we need.
    The show should not be canceled. If you no longer enjoy watching then don’t. I myself will continue to watch all of The Love and Marriage Shows.

  23. It’s time to cancel this evil show. It’s a disgrace to the entire black community. Oprah should be ashamed.

  24. My condolences to the entire family. IMO, we can’t blame Marsau, Tisha, Wanda, & whoever else. KeKe signed up for the reality show. She continued to film & opened up her life on film. My heart goes out to heat family, but I can’t put the blame on others without putting some blame on KeKe herself.

    1. KeKe,
      I totally agree with you. And Keke went above and beyond to stay on that show (ex, throwing that drink in Tisha’s face). Why are you mad at the whole cast when Keke broke her neck to earn a spot on the show….I just don’t get it.

  25. When God pulls our appointed date it is so, no matter what’s going on. Whether she was on the show or minding her business in Alabama, or crossing the street this was her appointed time, saith the Lord. Some issues there is a period on it. Wish the family peace and healing 🙏🏼

  26. All reality shows are meant for entertainment; however all cast members should be screened for mental health issue before being allowed on any show. These shows are brutal! Sometimes it’s hard to watch people get attacked on these shows; especially black women attacking each other. I believe one day society will realize that reality TV is detrimental to the cast and viewers’ mental health and will eventually become a thing of the past. There WILL be changes in LAMH because of guilt, shame and greed. It possibly lead to a life being lost and possibly in the future as well. RIP KeKe.

  27. No one on LAMH is responsible for Keke death, they didn’t kill her. No one know how she died. Wait on the autopsy. You all are so quick to point fingers when you don’t have all the facts. Keke chose to be on the show, no one forced her to be on LAMH.

    The excuse her friend gave for her death sounds suspect to me. She said Keke goes to sleep anywhere and something was wrong with her car. Was the car running in the garage or not. Can you get carbon monoxide if the car is turned off?

    Stop trying to blame others on something they did not have anything to do with. Stop being judgmental.

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