‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Recap: Diana Makes a Tough Decision + Carter’s True Motives Revealed

Power Ghost Season 4 Episode 5
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On the midseason finale of “Power Book II: Ghost,” Tariq and Brayden clash as the pressure builds. Dru and Monet hash things out but learn they have a new threat worse than Noma. And Diana makes a tough decision. Here’s a recap for, “Ego Death.”

Tariq and Diana discuss her pregnancy.

Tariq sleeps with Anya, Noma’s daughter. He talks her into hanging out again soon at his campus job. Meanwhile, Monet’s family meeting flops. Cane refuses to make peace with Diana and Dru for attempting to take out Monet. Before leaving, Cane tells Diana that having Tariq’s baby will be the biggest mistake of her life because he destroyed their family. As for Dru, he no longer wants to be in the family business. He blames Monet for all their problems.

Diana and Tariq meet to discuss their situation. Tariq questions how he can be sure he’s the one who impregnated Diana when she also slept with Salim around the same time. She’s insulted and says she always used protection with Salim. But she didn’t the one time she slept with Tariq.

Brayden picks up more product from Zion who questions how the Russians are back in business. Zion makes Brayden confess that Noma is the supplier.

Monet and Dru talk things out.

Noma figures out Tariq is selling on campus again after she finds a sample of his unused product on Anya. She and Cane head to campus to confront him. Unfortunately for Noma, Anya is also at the campus hangout. She questions what Noma is doing there, and Tariq pretends not to know Noma, much to her annoyance. Anya reluctantly leaves the party with Noma as Cane threatens to handle him later.

When Tariq goes to find Brayden to notify him that they’ve been busted by Noma, Tariq discovers Brayden snorting a line in front of his girlfriend. She tells Tariq it’s not a big deal because she already knows everything; Tariq and Brayden start arguing. Brayden doesn’t feel like Tariq cares about his life problems. Tariq thinks Brayden self-sabotages too much to be a good business partner.

Monet and Dru have another heart-to-heart, and Monet apologizes for putting the business before the family. She wants to put the family back together and make the business second place in their lives. But she thinks they must bring the family business back to fix their bond. Dru says he can help her get soldiers, but he’s out after he has made enough to focus on an art career.

Diana makes a tough decision amid the chaos.

Brayden freaks out when he finds out his girlfriend put a couple of drops of acid in Tariq’s water bottle. Tariq passes out and dreams of killing the version of himself that’s too afraid to become better than Ghost.

Zion visits Noma while she’s having a business dinner at a lavish restaurant. He has the waitress tell her that she’s sitting at his favorite table. When he sits at the table, he lets her know Manhattan is all his before dismissing her to another table by the window.

Cane gets involved and takes Noma to Zion’s fight club spot. The rule is no weapons are allowed. After Cane says Noma is his girl and can’t be bothered because of Zion’s respect for the Tejadas, they duke it out in the ring. Cane is victorious, and Noma is impressed. But that doesn’t stop her from hooking up with Davis later.

Diana decides to keep the baby. This is news Tariq is happy to hear. He plans to attend the first ultrasound.

Detective Carter makes an offer Monet can’t refuse.

Dru, Monet, and a couple of their newly hired soldiers kill Noma’s men and steal her drugs at the latest drop. Detective Carter and crew make an appearance to tell them they will only allow them to sell drugs if no innocent civilians are harmed. If a civilian is killed, they will be killed or put in prison. 35 percent of profits must be paid out to Carter. One of Monet’s men is killed on the spot by Carter for killing an 18-year-old civilian a couple of years ago.

Monet and Dru don’t want to work with Carter but realize they have no choice since he has a reputation for being a great detective.

Diana’s first ultrasound goes well. She believes she’s having a boy. When she figures out Salim was likely killed and Tariq has no plans on exiting the drug game, she tells Tariq she will raise their child alone for his safety.

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