Michael Jordan Thinks Kobe Bryant is Better Than LeBron James

Kobe’s better, at least that what the Greatest says.

By: Amanda Anderson

The greatest basketball player of all time has finally answered the question we have all been waiting on him to answer: Who’s better, Kobe or LeBron? From the looks of the video below, James’ PR frenzy in the form of an ESPN broadcasted press conference may have hurt his brand. That move to Miami may have been his best shot at a ring, but leaving the Cavs has pushed him further away from legendary status, and further away from Jordan’s approval. Peep it:

LeBron better hope he delivers a championship this season.


  1. Doesn't matter…this is the same fool that THOUGHT he could play professional baseball too. You know what they say, opinions are like…….everyone has them. And in my humble opinion, Kobe isn't better. He has rings because he had players that could help him, LeBron didn't. And now he does.

  2. ^Prish! I like LeBron better anyway. Mike may be the greatest, but just because he says Kobe is better, it doesn't make it fact. Beat LA!

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