Selling Out, Fried Chicken and Live Performances (Nicki Minaj Edition)

Just when I was starting to dig her…

By: Amanda Anderson

Did this black woman really eat fried chicken on stage during “Good Morning America?” And most importantly, did anybody else see this or was the nip slip supposed to overshadow the coonery that is Nicki Minaj devouring fried chicken during a live performance?

This woman is breaking records, but simultaneously settling for stereotypical exploitation for a paycheck. Silly me for somehow believing that success would somehow create a fearless artist in the Harajuku Barbie. And by fearless, I mean one who is not submissive to the jiggabooin’ the executives continue to compensate with unearned hefty salaries.

I’m sure this was supposed to be some sort of joke and invoke a little humor, but it seems as if Ms. Minaj has herself become the joke in exchange for fame and fortune. But it’s hard to laugh at her and point at her in all her ridiculousness when you realize that another woman has sold out completely in exchange for pop star domination. It’s not enough that we’re whoring out in big numbers for measly reality television pay checks, but even as we begin to dominate in music, we begin to lose ourselves in some manufactured image.

In 2011, do black people really have to resort to eating fried chicken on stage? This woman is doing things that no female rapper has ever been able to accomplish, but she chose to get her lips greasy during a live taping of “Good Morning America.”

For any sell out, as long as the money is green, dignity is no longer essential. Too bad, considering Nicki Minaj actually has enough talent to not have to actually resort to fried chicken based performances, butt pads, and FLYING SUITCASES.

I’m pretty sure her show would have been complete if she broke out the watermelon and began to, “did it on em.”

Blond wig, hot pink lipstick, with a cheap and dreadful wardrobe to match; the hottest female rapper of the moment who is already notoriously known for her questionable large derriere, just like the modern day Sara Baartman(the first black woman to be exploited for a large bottom, who was treated like a circus freak until her untimely death), makes it harder for me to just turn up the music and ignore the antics.

Do we really have to resort to being treated like circus freaks and adopting stereotypes for a little fame and fortune?

No, but it seems like lately, most have simply forgotten that they too can have standards and success.

When fried chicken becomes the main prop in a black woman’s nationally broadcast performance, it’s clear that the music industry has surely become the modern day plantation.



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