Should We Care if Kevin Hart Hates Black Women?


Discussion: Should we care when celebrity black men like Kevin Hart diss us?

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Recently, Comedian Kevin Hart came under fire for posting the picture photo’d above on his Facebook page (he later blamed his cousin for posting the picture). As expected, the photo caused an outrage, with black women questioning his objectives. I for one am not surprised, but have come to my own conclusion that these types of behavior and men just do not deserve my attention or anger.

I am married to a black- woman- loving- black man, and to my knowledge, most black men are. So I don’t tend to spend too much of my time on anyone who displays the contrary. In fact, I don’t watch videos on YouTube that bash black women, nor will I spend my hard earned money on anyone who has the upmost contempt for me and every other black woman they do not know personally. Why? Because only a stupid person does that, and I don’t support stupid people with my own money.

I can safely assure you that I won’t be seeing Think Like A Man, Act Like A Lady this weekend. But what are your thoughts?



  1. No, we shouldn’t care. My motto in life is love those who love you back. Kevin has tweeted some reckless things about black women and he has gotten really arrogant. I am with you, I will just keep my money in my pockets. Hmph!

  2. Should we care? yes! I am a single black woman, and it scares me that in the last couple of years there seems to be an increasing amount of anger towards sisters from black men. I am working on my masters, and it bothers me that everywhere I turn there is somebody on YouTube explaining why he prefers white women. I go on dates, but my biological clock makes me feel like I don’t have enough time left to find a decent relationship and settle down. Meanwhile, lighter women with questionable morals like Amber Rose clearly have more options. It is not fair!

  3. Anon,

    That is the problem right there. You single women comparing yourself to famous and run through industry chicks. What does Amber Rose have to do with you? You’re getting a masters degree and then still comparing yourself to Kanye’s former “Do AsYour Told/Be Seen And Not Heard” industry bird? Most real dudes with something to offer don’t want more from Amber Rose and like than sex.

    Statistics also show most brothers are marrying sisters. If you’re single and don’t want to be, evaluate what you could be doing wrong in your love life. You’re probably dating the wrong dudes. IJS.

    1. Actually statistics are showing that more black men are marrying white women, and that they are 2x as likely to marry a white woman over a black woman. But the reality is that 54% (above average of the divorce rate)of those marriages don’t last, let alone make it pass the 10 yr mark. I don’t know what agenda you have, but strictly blaming a black women for being single is hypocritical. I know plenty of black women with decent personalities and looks that are still single because they are waiting for their black “kang”. Nothing wrong with dating black men or marrying them, its just that I prefer to date outside my race and I’m getting better results. I will not sit around and wait on a “brotha”, that’s not my style. Most black women whom I associate myself with have very pleasant temperaments. Your in serious denial if you think the males that share our phenotype isn’t looking toward other races, primarily the anglesaxon type. Next time your curious about the lust of most(not all) black men, pick up one of those booty mags they like to read. Not one black woman in sight. Now, your exclamation can be that I’m either: A.A bitter black woman or B.I just haven’t found the right black man. I’m neither of the two, never have been attracted to black men to feel hurt that they’re dating outside their race , with that I don’t want the “right” black man. This is just merely observation. I could care less if they wanted to date outside their race, as long as they keep black women names from their mouths while doing it (I.E black women have poor attitudes. Black women aren’t beautiful). If it weren’t for my friends whining so much about how “da brothas” are leaving “us” for white women, I probably would have never felt the drive to investigate the matter.

      Now, the reason she was comparing herself to these industry “chicks” is because she probably notice the wide flock of black men drooling and lusting over them. White women compare themselves to industry “chicks” all the time, yet they’re not single. Spanish women do the same, Asian women do the same yet they are happy relationships/marriages.

      1. Man, I wrote this a long time ago. Would have forgotten about it but I subscribed to it. Anyway, your math is off. About 24% of black men marry white women. So that means more marry black women, roughly 76% (Pew Research Study). So, yeah. There goes that point.

        Secondly, I don’t know if you’re bitter or not. Seems like you think I assume plenty about you because of things you’ve seen in popular culture. That’s a pretty illogical way of thinking. I love black women, and me and my college educated friends don’t marry the Amber Roses of the world. Out of my circle, every single one of my homies are either 1) married to a black woman with a college education or 2) dating a black woman with a college education. So again, don’t tell me what you THINK black men are doing when I am one and know plenty.

        Sure, there may be a portion of black men who prefer white women, but who cares? You live in America, you don’t have to be limited to one race. Don’t let their preference consume you.

        My advice to anyone is date who you want and race isn’t important. But spare me this whole black men don’t want black women BS. It’s getting old and I’m seeing differently in real life.

        And yes, I stand by what I said as a black man. I told a sister the same thing about her not dating the right men two years ago, and although she fussed and called me all kind of slanderous names, she’s now happily married because she abandoned the tired way of thinking which tells black women they are “doomed” and black men don’t want them. It’s 2013. Time for a new way of thinking, don’t you think?


      2. The statistics in America ? Because that is not the case in my culture ; the Caribbean. I hate when people generalize America to the whole world. Only western societys have black men vs black women issues! In the islands it’s the opposite. Clearly blacks in America are lost, self hating and as bob marley puts it “mentally enslaved”. The majority of bm are with bw, unless that means that more white men are single and the black race is becoming extinct lol . Also we always say bm are going for ww….. But never say ww are marrying more bm?, because we want to make bw look bad, and we don’t want to make it seem that wm are losing control. -#thirdeyeopen

  4. I think we can be a little too sensitive. I think there are some truths to the photo he posted. I know all black women don’t think that way, but there are some who really prefer thugs over educated men. But my only gripe with that is white women go through bad boy chasin phases too. It’s not a black woman thing. So that is my only beef with the picture. It is just not very accurate.

  5. I hate this damn picture. It has been splattered across just about everywhere on Facebook and Twitter, and black men are sitting here cheesin and talking about how “true” it is! Tacky! I have a degree and so do my girls. We don’t date thugs, nor are we baby mammas, if that’s all some of these brothers are attracting, that’s their fault for pursuing the wrong black women. Stop embarrassing your race!

  6. I don’t see why this picture received so much backlash. Black women if we are honest with ourselves we can admit, that not all, but quite a few of us have dissed the more studious or homely looking black guy, to be one of many dating an athlete or a guy with “swag.” Later on in life, after we have had a few bad relationships and we start wanting to settle down, is when we become more particular in who we choose to date. Some
    Black men feel rejected and put down by black women in their youth, and therefore they harbor resentment. Whether its petty or not there is truth to the illustration.

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