Are We Just Going to Act Like…(Nicki Minaj Edition)

By:Amanda Anderson-Niles

Are we just going to act like…

…Nicki Minaj doesn’t look like a damn fool in this horrid blonde lacefront wig? How can such an attractive and wealthy woman continue to walk out in public looking like this, and NO ONE says anything?

I understand that she’s most likely surrounded by yes men and ass kissers all day who wouldn’t even tell her if she has a strand of weave out of place, but I just can’t fathom how she managed to continue with this charade for so long.

Here’s my beef with lacefront wigs. They were meant to make weave wearing convenient, but because we won’t keep it real with each other, lacefronts have made weave wearing an absolute travesty. What happened to the days when we wanted to blend our real hair in with the fake hair? Is it no longer in style to make our weaves look more natural? Maybe I’m mistaken, but I don’t think our wigs should make it look as if our hairlines begin from our foreheads.

Finally, I think black women look better with darker hair. I think this even more so when it comes to Nicki. Look at the following photo:

Darker hair looks stunning on Nicki Minaj. The blonde looks cheap, and the added on contacts take away from her natural beauty. There have been whispers of plastic surgery, but I can only confirm that she seems to have a knack for picking out horrid lacefront wigs.

One can only hope a little time from Twitter will make her rethink somethings or reinvent herself. But in the meantime, can we please use our millions of dollars for better wigs?

You’re too fab for this, Ms. Minaj.


Lesson Number One: There is nothing wrong with wearing a wig, but a bad lacefront will surely make you look less head barbie.

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