Mistress Syndrome? Lil’ Kim Says Biggie’s Mom Didn’t Really Know Him

We may love the Queen Bee, but could she be exhibiting the classic symptoms of the Mistress (Jump Off Syndrome)? Shots fired?

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil’ Kim is back on the music tip with a new nationwide tour backed by new management group Roc Nation, and a media tour that is keeping Kim in the headlines like she never even left the game. Fresh from the controversial Nicki Minaj female rap beef, Kim is getting back to the music and reminding her fans why they loved her in the first place. But when the interviews start racking up, so does the controversy. And when Lil’ Kim isn’t talking about Nicki Minaj, she’s most likely talking about Biggie, and addressing those pesky two decade old rumors involving her alleged role as Big’s mistress, her rocky relationship with his mother Voletta Wallace, and her ongoing beefs with the Junior Mafia click and old comrades deeply embedded in Hip Hop.

It’s no secret that Kim wasn’t thrilled with the Biggie Biopic that was released in theaters a couple of years ago. Although it was produced by P. Diddy and endorsed by Voletta Wallace and Faith Evans; Kim felt the story was inaccurate and embellished in a way that even Big wouldn’t have approved of.

During a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Kim explained why she wasn’t too surprised that they got it wrong when it came to telling Biggie’s story on the big screen.

Her prospective was a disrespectful one:

“See, Big’s mom doesn’t know Biggie, and she barely knows Christopher. It’s the truth. “She used to kick him out daily. She did not care to know him, or get to know him during the time….she didn’t know him.”

I respect Lil’ Kim as a female rapper because let’s face it…she’s dope. She alone has at least 2 of the top 5 rap verses held by any female rapper that’s ever done it, and yes, she revolutionized the female rap game before Nicki Minaj even came into the picture. Nicki took it a step further by achieving cross over appeal, but Kim has achieved things lyrically that we can’t take away from her even today in 2012.

While I wish female rappers didn’t have to resort to crotch shots and over-sexualized images to get industry backing; the younger generation’s apparent dismissal to what Kim has brought to Hip Hop is arrogant and borderline ignorant.

Despite the respect I have for what she’s done in the game, Kim sounds like a straight up former Jump Off who still hasn’t gotten the memo of what her position really was. I say this for several reasons.

Jump Offs tend to think they see a different side to the dude they are creeping with that no one else is privileged to see. Every mistress needs to feel like they are important, so they begin to imagine that they are some gatekeeper to what a man really feels. They like to think they are their support system, yet the continue to remain a secret. But I would assume they feel this way because the man they are creeping with realizes he needs to make the jump off feel special enough to keep her in the picture.

Biggie was a charming man. And it’s not because he looked like Morris Chesnut; he knew what to say and how to say it to most of the women he encountered. It also didn’t hurt that he was a platinum record selling rapper, for most women attracted to that lifestyle, that’s an automatic boost in the charm department.

Kim also displays the common weakness of a Jump Off. She’s too loyal. Big was allegedly abusive and put Kim through a lot emotionally, and yet, she’s still playing a position she should have jumped ship a long time ago.

The comments she made about Voletta Wallace were way out of line, but when one examines Kim’s mentality, it’s clear she is still suffering from the same mentality she had in the 90s.

I for one just want her to talk about the music–the Nicki Minaj beef and Biggie affair shouldn’t be more interesting than the capabilities of the only female rapper to get 5 mics from The Source. Kim’s the first female rapper these young girls take a shot at, while looking for a come up; so she’s relevant enough that she should be able to talk about herself more in her interviews.




What are your thoughts?


  1. Kim was very disrespectful for saying that. How can she even think she knew Biggie more than anyone when he didn’t even value her enough to go public with their “relationship?” I’ve always liked Kim as an artist, but I’ve always felt she let too many people use her in the business.

  2. You ain’t never lied! Kim is definitely sounding like a mistress aka a jump off in this interview. They do tend to think they know the men they are sleeping with better than everyone else, yet these men keep going back to their wives! There’s a certain amount of loyalty it takes to be a mistress, and to be full aware that you just a chick on the side. I just want new music from Kim. I don’t care about what she did in her personal life.

  3. I can only shake my head at Kim. She’s still delusional about the relationship she thought she had with Biggie who was a well known player. Can’t fault Kim too much because plenty of non famous chicks take the same position in real life. People fall for what people say when their actions don’t match it all the time.

  4. This is why I’m #TeamNicki. Lil’ Kim does not sound like a strong woman or role model. She was a jump off to Biggie, she never wrote her own lyrics, and she let all those men tell her who to become to sell records. Not to mention she took charges for who? Men! She’s the typical weak woman and slightly overrated lyrically. Nicki is a business woman and lets no one run her. That’s why she is bigger than your little “Hip Hop Legend.”

    1. How is Nicki a strong woman? She’s resulted to selling sex to become a mainstream artist. Her boyfriend is a douche bag and even hit her in the face with a suit case. She stayed with him and continues to support him financially. She won’t step out the house without her butt pads and dresses like a cartoon character to stay relevant. Plus she allowed Lil’ Wayne and Baby to dictate her entire image, which was completely ripped off from Lil’ Kim’s. Lyrically, she can’t touch Kim, or even Lil’ Mama. She’s a clown and obviously you’re wearing a pair of clown shoes yourself to think she think she is “talented.” Shouldn’t you be on a school bus right now?

          1. Yet, I still slayed the “legend” of your fave all by myself in 2 posts. Funny because that’s kind of like what Nicki did to Kim’s career with two albums.

  5. So now Kim’s just going to take shots at Big’s mom now too? Wow. This is what happens when women are too loyal, They begin to make themselves look absolutely stupid.

  6. Love Kim but hate her interviews for this reason right here. If she isn’t talking about Nicki, she’s talking about Biggie, or the 90s. It’s 2012, and I no longer give a damn about any of that. What I do give a damn about is her coming back to the rap game and snatching those cheap a– lacefronts off Nicki’s forehead (lyrically, because I know she can). I want female rappers to stop being catty and you know…RAP!

    1. Female rappers don’t make it off rap alone anymore though. Kim knew that too that’s why she started singing. I don’t really think there’s a demand or place now for the traditional female rapper. We only see Nicki because she gets it. Nothing else sells.

  7. Kim, Nicki, and Eve are the only female rappers that as of today could go commercial. They could easily murder a track together. Won’t happen though because as bitter as Kim sounds, she’s right when she says Nicki doesn’t want competition or any kind of sisterhood with the other female rappers. And that throws that whole “strong woman” theory y’all stans have about her out the door.

  8. That little heifer is so disrespectful! How can you think you know Big better than the woman who birthed him?! She’s mad because the portrayal of her in the movie was spot on and she knows it!

  9. Lmao. How would any of you know what biggie went through with his mom if he didn’t tell you himself? The mom endorsed the movie so of course she would want to be painted as positively as possible given the lifestyle biggie lived. He was a drug dealer. How many parents are supportive of that our want it in their house? I don’t doubt that his mother dismissed him regularly, or that he confided in kim about his life. I don’t get why everyone is jumping on kim. Oh no wait, it’s because when people hear a completely plausible truth that they don’t like they attack the character of the messenger, thereby turning a reasonble statements of an individual who can give a first hand account of events into the resentful rant of a jilted lover. You all may choose to believe that kim meant nothing to biggie and she is just a fool in love, but kim knows something that none of us know. But she ain’t snitchin. This is all she will say. She didn’t in the quote say that she know him better than anyone else, she said that his mom didn’t know him, which is likely true.

    1. Just because a mother may not have not like the decisions of their child(ren), that does not mean that Lil Kim knows him way better than his mom. I am going to side with the person that carried them inside of their womb for 9 months and raised them rather than side with a woman that knows him inside of a bedroom.

      1. Very few people die the same person they were born. I am nothing like I was when I was 5. That’s when my mom knew everything about me. After you become a teenager your friends know everything, and your mom knows what you let her see. And a lot of secrets are shared in bedrooms. You can trust and believe that his mother was in the dark about a lot of his adult life when Kim was there. A lot of parents think they know their kids, but are sadly surprised when the truth comes out.

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