Even Grannies Think Kim Kardashian is Great in Bed

What young people call a dull lay, grandmothers call amazing bedroom etiquette. I can’t make this stuff up people.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kim Kardashian’s rise to fame and reality television domination is attributed to that of that infamous sex tape she filmed with boyfriend at the time, Ray J. Norwood; who we all simply know as, Brandy’s Little Brother. Since then, Kim has created an empire that consists of multiple business ventures and a certified family business operated completely in the realms of Hollywood. While she’s not America’s Sweetheart by any stretch, she is the first porn star to milk an average sex tape into a goldmine that has  kept her relevant for several horrible years.

But regardless of how dull most feel about Kim’s performance in the bedroom and lack of sexual enthusiasm, there’s a certain demographic that finds her sex tape debut nothing short of amazing. And they’re almost pushing 90 years old.

Three grandmothers decided they needed to see Kim Kardashian in action. After becoming familiar with Kim Kardashian from her continued presence in the tabloids in their local grocery stores, the old women, two in their 70s and one in her 80s,  felt they had to form their own opinion of Kim and Ray J’s sex tape.

Just like the Kardashian sex tape, the old women agreed to be taped while they looked on to the sexual romp of the two stars that has made Kim Kardashian famous and Ray J. troublesome.

The oldest woman, Teresa, thinks Kim is the best thing since sliced bread:

“She’s good, she’s good in bed let me tell you. He was good too.”

Her friend Mary countered:

“Not as good as her. She was unbelievable.”

In a recent interview with The Daily Mail, the trio explains:

“We don’t watch pornography ever. It was just an accident. I was in the salon and I’m looking at a magazine,’ explained Josie, ‘and I said “look at Kim Kardashian, isn’t she beautiful?” And one of the hairdressers said, “Are you kidding? She’s a slut.”

After inquiring about what exactly makes Kim a slut, the three women were taken back and offered a chance to see the infamous video.

While watching the formal couple engage in oral sex, Teresa says:

“The most shocking, shocking, shocking thing I ever saw in my life.”

While this makes for an interesting headline, one has to question if this is genuine or another Kardashian publicity stunt. With rumors of an impending friendship with Beyoncé and steamy relationship with Kanye West; it really does seem like Kris Jenner is one busy woman and PR pro these days.



  1. That video doesn’t even seem authentic. See this why I can’t stand the Kardashians. They are manipulative and they try to treat everyone like we’re idiots. They should have never gotten that show and Ray J. is to blame for making Kim who she is today. This is what happens when we give stupid black men too much attention. Next up, Kanye.

  2. Only 70/80s year olds would call anything about Kim’s oral abilities/sex “unbelievable.” They haven’t had sex in so long, they have probably forgotten what good sex even looks like. Cause that there ain’t it.

  3. Kris Jenner is a scary parent when you think about it though. Like who would be ok with encouraging their daughter to capitalize off a sex tape? She’s demented.

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